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Adult just diagnosed.

To think at 29 years old I would be dealing with this issue. Is something I never expected. Day in and day out it takes a toll on my body for 6 months I asked the doctors at Reading Hospital to get check. They all said it didnt look like "seizures". If there wasnt any prior history there was no need to do unnecassary testing. In that time... I have dealt with the headaches, the pain, the fatigue the dizzieness, the aftermath of the falls, the confusion after each episode. The cervical strains, Having episodes throughout the day, at night while I'm trying to move about my day is rough. But thank you to Dr. Majeed and her office at St. Josephs they took the time to listen to me as a patient, not accuse me of having " false" symptoms or just tell me They knew what is and not listen to me. They took the time to actually do the tests that was needed. I have been given a chance to get this shit under control. It will be an uphill battle for trial and error, with medication. And more tests to go. I am not going to give up on life and be defeated one day at a time. After having been diagnosed with epilepsy I have activity on both sides of my brain multiple seizures throughout the day. Now were more aware before i just thought it was general tiredness or over working myself. Ive never had them before until 6 months ago but we didnt know what was wrong. They haveny told me what type of seizure just that I have several differnt types. All like silent seizures is what we call them. No symptoms just blank outs, or falling over, eye twitching. Its been a battle. I'm scheduled for an MRI on the 28th. Its relieving to have a diagnosoes in a sense. Looking to hopefully have less over the next 6 months it has caused me to stop working and has altered my life alot. Training as I am a OCR Runner I missed my first run just this weekend. Hoping things look up.


Hi Riverlily896,  Thanks for

Hi Riverlily896,  Thanks for sharing your story, it sounds like you’ve been through a lot. It’s important that you continue to follow-up with your healthcare team to discuss any changes in side effects, seizure types, behaviors and  symptoms:                   As someone who was recently diagnosed, hearing about epilepsy and seizures for the first time can be frightening and confusing. Our new to Epilepsy & Seizure tool kit is a great resource and starting point for learning about what epilepsy is, what resources are available, how to make the most of doctors' visits, and how to take control of seizures.Learn more here:  It’s important to remember that you are not alone. However, we know that being diagnosed with epilepsy can be upsetting and make you feel isolated. One of the most important things to help you live with epilepsy is to find a support network. Learn more about your community support, here: Additionally, the Wellness Institute:  ,has many helpful and easy-to-use tips & resources for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maximizing the quality of life for you & your family.  For practical & effective strategies to enhance your well-being, learn more here: may also contact our Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline: 1-800-332-1000, , where a trained information specialist can connect you to resources,  provide referrals and additional support. 

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