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Absence Seizures

So I go to my primary care Dr, I go in for memory loss and feared dementia. So blood tests and other written tests he doubted it was dementia, he sends me to a neurologist. MRI and such CT scan and they say it does not look like dementia, so I was talking to my PA at the urologist office I stopped talking in mid sentence and could not remember what i was saying, she asked how often that happens I said I have always done that.

She has now set up a 4 day in patient EEG

SO this may have been going on for years and I have memory loss short term

If any one that has discovered Absence Seizures tell me how you treat it


With absence you are unlikely

With absence you are unlikely to know you stopped talking at all unless someone pointed it out to you... one is likely to continue and not realize there was an interruption in the middle. Sometimes absence is thought of when it's partial seizures (which can really vary and some look like absence from the outside). In fact a short EEG is usually enough to confirm absence but partials are harder to pin down so longer EEGs can be better for partials (not all partials show up on EEGs so a clear EEG doesn't clear one of having epilepsy).  So seizures can really surprise people. Reading up on common seizure triggers is helpful as well.My youngest had complex partials that were mistaken as absence and not taken seriously at first so the diagnosis took a while longer than it should have. And there were other weird complaints that were simple partials but no one connected those dots at first. And we never saw a partial on EEG, just some spikes but she improved with medication, always seeing improvement with increases in dose (and didn't point out to her the increase in dose). Years after the initial diagnosis she started having atypical absence (which have less defined start and stop) and myoclonics which were only caught those because of EEG.

Even my problem is termed as

Even my problem is termed as absent seizures .sometimes I stop talking in middle ,gets a little disoriented .Sometimes before the seizure I get a feeling that something wrong or absurd is going to happen so I take some support to sit or something like that .Does something like that happens with you?

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