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12 year old got MMR vaccine then within a week began having nocturnal seizures

My healthy teenage son was on a delayed vaccination schedule because of my concerns with vaccines in the first place. As he got ready for middle school I felt pressured to finish his vaccines and decided to go ahead with the MMR vaccine. About a week after receiving the vaccines he began having simple partial seizures in the middle of the night. This went on for months. We would find him walking in the night, confused, fearful with body shakes/tremors and strange body movements. We were unsure what was going on for months. Six months after the 1st vaccine we found him wandering again and when we helped him back to his bed this time he began having his 1st grand mal seizure. We went to the ER in an ambulance. He has continued to have nocturnal seizures ever since. (It has been 2 years) It is terrifying, I worry so much about him and his future, and it has changed our lives. After making this connection with the timeline with the vaccines, I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? We are working with naturopathic doctors now and I am wondering if there is a way to reverse the damage that was done by these vaccines or if it is too late? Has anyone had experience in treating epilepsy caused by vaccines? I researched and read study after study and have seen the countless cases where this is happened. Because the MMR is typically given to children between ages of 18 months and five years, this seems to be the pattern of onset of epilepsy for the largest number of children who develop epilepsy as a result of vaccines. Because my son was older when he received his first vaccine, it cannot be blamed on Dravet Syndrome or any other genetic mutation. I know in my heart if I wouldn’t have gone through with these vaccines things will be different for him now which kills me.


It's impossible to know what

It's impossible to know what triggered the seizures. Blaming the vaccination might seem pretty great but it's there's no proof (correlation is not causation, esp since many people have minor seizures for a long time before they are recognized as seizures). Epilepsy can be from just genetics (single genes or complex multiple gene issues), genetic predisposition & environment (so, yeah, there still could be a genetic component) or environment. It's all stressful and blame might hamper your coping going forward. And frankly, measles, mumps and rubella can have awful impacts - mumps was going around our state last year and they still ask me at the hospital every few weeks about our potential exposure. Know that a fair number of children start having problems around the time of puberty, seizures start or can change for kids who have epilepsy already. If people here had a few pennies for each person who noted the person with epilepsy was perfectly healthy before seizures started, we'd be able to buy nice cars - seems like more of a denial issue. I don't know why it's so much more so with epilepsy. Is it that way with hidden heart conditions that become apparent, diabetes, other health issues?Are his seizures under control? Ongoing seizures can cause damage so hopefully that is being treated and checked regularly.

I completely think there must

I completely think there must be a connection. My son too, had his first seizure 2 days after getting the Tetanus Diptheria Vaccine, and everyone said coincidence. But I have found other threads with all of parents who cited the Vaccine at the onset of the Seizures.

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