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Raising Awareness by Facebooking

Hi all,

 During this month of November I have really been putting myself out there :)

First, I didn't know how to handle raising awareness alone without putting pressure on people or them thinking I am trying to sell a product or ask for donations, so I just put my epilepsy walk T-Shirt lipstick on my forehead spelling #Dareto and went walking; anytime someone looked at me stranglely or asked what was happening I simply answered, "it's epilepsy awareness month".

Second, I went out with my seizure first aid pamphlets and bookmarks (anything to grasp someone's attention, basically) and handed them out without an introduction because, unfortunately, people are no longer trusting to freebies they think everything is going on social media or for a campaign. I gave a first aid to a new mother, secretly I think she appreciated it. After this longrun, I headed home and left people some reflecting time.

Third, I started a community page on Facebook for the support group me and my mother lead on a voluntary basis. We receive no help and yet keep it running out of gooodness and genuine support. The Facebook page is called "Epilepsy Support Group" with a purple butterfly as graphic design. As I started inviting basic people to this page (family and close friends) the page became more popular and spread by shares. Amazing. I have decided to keep the Epilepsy Support Group page just for the support group and let it grow on its own.

Last, I posted some facts about epilepsy on my Facebook timeline and a first aid response image. I think that sufices for this year. I learnt that with my drive I can do anything that's possible and raise awareness to those who want to learn as well. 



Daisywhat you have done takes

Daisywhat you have done takes time and also hard work to get people aware of just what epilepsy is nad that anybody can have it whether rich or poor.. Epilepsy does not discrimanate.Before the EFA went to washington there were associations in cities that were like the EFA. Here in Dallas we had the DEA. Back in the 70's we had walks to get funds and yes millioaries did back it. The DEA helped with funds for business schools and many other things Have to you tries talking to the grocery store and discussed setting up something like what the cancer groups do> I think it may be up to the managers who present it to their superiors. But it is a way to try and get others involved. I will be looking at our professions teams to see what it's going to take to get them to wear purple towels. Hey we see enough pink..I do hope you do good and you take some of this into your thoughts of getting awareness. Joe Oh and I will be checking out your facebook

ok good advice http://www

ok good advice http://www

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