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My story #daretodream


Hi my name is Sarah. This is long one so be prepared. 

My journey starts at age 14, I was in highschool and things weren't looking too good.

The public health system had decided after they were sure some 'minor' physical tests were clear, I had schizophrenia. Of course, it had turned out although my symptoms were partial seizure related, my EEG came back with in fact I had generalised epilspey.

It took two years to get on the correct medication, which is combo of two different anti seizure meds. After that I had many trips to the hospital and was diagnosed with, funnily enough Schitzo affective disorder.

Again three years to get on the right, anti seizure, anti psychotic, and anti depressants.

I was then diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I was on ten different medications!

I had experienced six hospitalisations which were over two months long. Being on so many anti psychotics. I was diagnosed with tardive dysanskia. More medication, and hospital visits.... Too make matters even worse, I recently discovered I had been raped and sexually abused as a child.

It got better though, My epilepsy is still not controlled, but I've really started working with my therapist and in thoughs years I still managed to meet the love of my life!


I've recently experienced my first tonic clonic seizure. The doctors still don't know whether sometimes I'm having psychosis or a seizure. 


it's been a year since I've been out of hospital, they have kept me on the same meds for a year,

I'm getting married in November!!

I still can't drive, I still can't work....but I'm studying online and passing with a HD average! 

It's been a tough road. But I dare to dream that one day I can get my motorbike licence. Haha. One day.... 







Wow!  I'm SO impressed with

Wow!  I'm SO impressed with your strength and perseverance.  What a tough journey you've been on.  And what an inspiration you are to others who are struggling with meds, diagnoses, and trying to figure out how to live with these conditions.  Thank you for sharing your story.

You go girl! That's the

You go girl! That's the spirit. There is lots of pain, horror and unfairness around. If u get close to someone and they start opening up, often it makes u cry, realizing how hard their life have been. But we all have power of doing something good. And it is stronger, brighter and more meaningful. We can fix ourselves! 

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