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My Child suffers from Epilepsy !



This account was created by my son as i want to ask few questions regarding my daughter.

Sorry for my bad English.

She suffers from epilepsy (General Refractory Epilepsy).

She was born in 2006.

When she was about 4 months she had auras (but i wasn't aware of what was happening to her. I thought maybe she was cold. One time i checked her temperature and she had it 34.7 degree Celsius). The first big seizure happened when she was 7 months and half. She had  General Refractory Epilepsy. The initial medicaments that she took was only Depakine. And after a week i could notice that her head was always on her left side. After that she took also Clonazepam (half pill a day). Later on when she was about 3 years old when she took Topamax (Topiramade) 15mg (4 pills a day). For some years she continued  to take Topamax 4 pills a day (25mg). Currently she takes only 3 Topamax pills per day + depakine (650 ml per day) + a quarter  pill of Rivotrile. Currently she is seizure free for about 4 years now. Even tho auras occur sometimes but not to often. Now she is about 9 years old (soon 10).

 When she was 4 months old her head became big and flat from behind. Her left hand was always close to her body. The head always down. The doctor said she had water in the outside part of her head. For this reason i gave her Diamox 3 months in a row + vitamin pikovite half a month for 3 months.

I am concerned why she is not speaking or saying any word. She only stutters sometimes. And physically is  not so good. She walks without any help but her walk is not that of a normal kid.

She is seizure free but i cannot understand why isn’t she talking or walking better now that she doesn’t have seizures anymore. It’s like her development has stopped . This is my biggest concern.

Now i think of using medicinal cannabis as a last resort. My only fear is that the drug may interfere with her current medicaments. What are your thoughts about this one (cannabis usage ). In my country i can find it as a plant. Pure and Bio.

Thank you for your time and your replies ! 


One thing i want to add an

One thing i want to add an important one.She doesn't has the development of a 9 years old child but she understand many things. When i tell her to do stuff  such as taking a glass to drink water, to wear the shoes  etc. But every action she does, she do it very slowly.

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