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hi i have a question, i am on levetiracetam 500 mg 2 times a day since last 5 years. But recently i have noticed that i get tired too easily and i just want to sleep all day(lol), so is it normal ? or i should talk to my doctor. Also i have JME epilepsy.


Hi Dear.   I have had

Hi Dear.   I have had epilepsy from the age of 13.  I am now 56 years old.   Throughout my life with epilepsy, it was constantly evolving.  Sometimes from day to day, month to month, and year to year.   I have been seizure free for sometime.  Please be mindful that your seizure disorder is not permanent and that it will evolve, change and hopefully disappear.   I began having absent seizures as a child, partial complex seizures as a teenager, and granmal seizures as an adult.   They then became nocturnal (night time) and then disappeared.  After I had children, my seizure disorder settled in and I have now been seizure free for some time. (20 years). Your doctor is relying on you to informing him/her of any changes so that he/she can help  you and the changes will happen often as you change, grow, and your neuro pathways in your brain adjust with it.  May you have harmony and peace in your life.

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