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Husband lost everything

My husband had brain hemorrhage in 2010 which he take alot of medication also resulted in memory loss, very confused so unable to work. He has just started to have seizures which are lasing 2-3 days which he stops in bed and more confused, he takes Carbermazpine but I am still trying to understand why all of a sudden he has started to have SZ. I have emailed the hospital so waiting for an appointment as we are meant to be going to Australia in 4 weeks time.I never realised how hard it is for some one who has SZ also hard for the person looking after that person. We are lucky as I look after him and I work full time so managed to keep our house .Last week(Thursday) hubby stopped in bed for 3 days but had to wake him up to feed him, he was just staring at me blank,smiling and sometimes smacking his lips also still very confused and never slepted last night(sunday) so not sure what kind of seizures but lets see what the consultant says. I know their is not alot of support for people and my heart goes out to the ones who have no family support as I can see how hard it is have seizures.


God, it's unbelievable that

God, it's unbelievable that such an old deserse still has no cure or no even proper diagnostic tools for it. Keep looking for solutions everywhere. Lots of scientists now are trying to solve health issues by combining physical and metophysical approach. I have heard of bio feedback clinics, but have not been in one yet. My friend had epilepsy and they thought him how to control SZ with simple meditations. Mine happen too fast tho, but I am finding more and more alternative info around.

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