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Getting my License taken away in NY State Due to Seizures has ruined my life.

Title says it all. I have had such a hard time adjusting to my once in awhile Seizure disorder, and I'll never forget the day I was told my this asshole doctor that I couldn't drive to it. I call him such, because when I asked him what I am supposed to do about getting to work and all when I lived by myself, and far away from work with barely ANY support, he tells me and I quote "Oh, I'm not a Taxi Service." and left it at that. I was fuirious for his comment and that was a few months ago. That is why I called him an asshole; for his lack of compassion on what I was going through and his lack of answers on what to do.

Since then, I haven't had ANY support on my condition. NOTHING! My father (who I don't speak with anymore) refused to believe I had seizures, and was a complete insensitive dick about it. My Mother wasn't supportive until I had one right in front of her while I was in the passenger seat of her car and was very concerned for me. And even when she told my father about it and how concerned she was for me, he STILL didn't want to give in. He said I was "Faking it". Because, yeah falling on the floor and having your eyes roll back in your head and all that is faking it. I have no recollections of any of that. It's just what I was told! 

My friends have turned their backs on me, I quit my fulltime job due to it at as well and was going to get fired probably anyway because I was late to work a few times trying to get there, I lost my apartment because I couldn't afford to live there without a job and I couldn't get to my fulltime job anyway with where I was living because I had no way to fucking drive, so I had to move in with my parents, which didn't last. They kicked me out because I couldn't find work and my dad was being pout of hand calling me a loser, a liar and I didn't have seizures and a fuck up so we had a big physical fight.. So now I am living in Florida after moving from Upstate NY..and I'm having such a tough fucking time finding work even down here due to not having a driving license. I haven't had a seizure in over two months (knock on wood) and I just want my license back now because for some reason, I'm not getting ANY help from Disability or Social Services due to my condition. DMV isn't giving me answers, doctors aren't giving me answers, so wtf can I do? I's like DMV can't have their cake and eat it too! They can't take my license and not give me the compensation I need to get by with this. If they won't give me compensation or whatever, then I want my license back. I DON't want to be on disability. I just want to go back to where I was. Working and supporting myself. This is utter bullshit.

Does anyone know what I can do?? I can give more details later when I get some comments..I'm not trying to sound dramatic. This is whats happened.


ART = Accessible Raleigh

ART = Accessible Raleigh Transportation

ART = Accessible Raleigh

ART = Accessible Raleigh Transportation

If we both know and

If we both know and understand that Breakthrough Seizures can and will happen, do we have any business driving a motor vehicle? You need to think about all the lives you can damage or destroy should you get into an accident.

I live in Omaha.  Many people

I live in Omaha.  Many people take the Metro Area Transit.  Its only 60 cents a ride if you have epilepsy.  Easy to get a note from your Dr. and a card from the bus company.  Easy to find a job.  Might have to start off with something basic since you have had some trouble, but you just have to move up from their.  Some great Dr.'s in this town.  I have stuck around.  I have had it twenty years.  I have had the VNS and brain surgery and still have seizures so I can not drive.  I used to work full time and wish I could just like you are saying you want to.  Unfortunately I can not, but I still have to take the bus.  It works well in Omaha.

OK so your pissed. Being

OK so your pissed. Being pissed doesn't help you because you can't look at the whole picture. Calling your doctor an ass was not necessary. It shows you are only thinking of yourself.
I know all about people thinking your faking it. Back when I started having seizures people with epilepsy were still being put away in homes. "Out of sight out of mind" That was I the early 1960's. In the 1970's some states would not let people with epilepsy get a marriage license. I do believe things have come a long ways.
Your neurologist was doing what is required by law. So don't blame him for your license being revoked. States write laws to protect the people. All states have the same laws. Within that law is a time limit a person must go before the license can be used. In other words for 6 months without a seizure and you drive again. There are ways to get around without a license. Ever see a blind person driving? I see them in stores and other places so they must have ways to get around. I was diagnosed back in the early 1960's. I have never driven. I worked back then and did my job. I road with friends. They picked me up and dropped me off. I gave them coffee and doughnuts. Trade things off. It can and has been done for many years. I have ridden mass transit for about 50 years now.
As for your father Wellllllll there is this thing called a stigma. One has been associated with epilepsy for well over a thousand years. Newer medications and working with your neurologist can get your seizures under control.
Most cities have mass transit. All a person has to do is take a letter from their doctors and present it to the transit office. In some cities they will want a form filled out or just a piece of paper from the SS office. In some cities the fare is reduced in others there may be no fare because you are given a card to show the drivers. Been doing it for years. Only recently did I get the forms from SS and a reduced fare card. My reduced fare costs me 40 bucks a month. The regular fee is 3-4 times that much. I can travel anywhere local and if it goes beyond a certain point a buck is all that I need. How much does gas cost you a month??
I know what you went thru with losing friends. I lost some. But I kept many. Many of those I lost came back since it was their doing I didn't change.

You well learn. It isn't easy and never has been. I know been there done that and will keep living and dealing with epilepsy and seizures. I've only been dealing with it for 50+ years now. I worked with my neurologists and have gotten control of my seizures. They have been reduced from many a month and long seizures to a seizure every 8-14 days which now last a few seconds. Newer meds and questions have helped me a lot. Also research and looking at the big picture and having friends. I went everywhere and never drove. We closed the bars and clubs and all I drank was 1 drink with alcohol. Lots of Shirley Temples (drinks that looked like others but had no alcohol) Oh and my friends knew. Other people in the club didn't.
I understand your feeling and anger but it doesn't help since it can stress you out and a trigger to seizures id STRESS

Hope this helps


You said you were seizure

You said you were seizure free for two months in the state of Florida you have to be seizure free for six months. Stress can trigger a seizure. Take it easy work with a neurologist and take care of your self. With any luck you can drive,work and support your self again. I hope things get better for you just remember you're not alone.



i lost my license after the

i lost my license after the last seizure over 10 years ago. I live in Florida. My seizures are every 3 month. I was not able to get disability because mine are every 3 months.  I was a respiratory therapist but I had then when I was working. I have friends that drive me. I am a caregiver for my dad and I work at home.  I did take the bus but it was too hard in Jacksonville.  yea for friends.  here is the problem with you having a license and why i didn't fight giving mine up. what do you do if you wake up and you have killed someone with your car? I did hit someone with the last accident I had. I was lucky she did not sue me and was not hurt badly.  1. you can think 2. you can walk 3. you can still talk   you are doing a lot better than my friends and dad that have had strokes and aneyurisms. time to be grateful.    go to places like publix  and staples they help people  . ride a bike.  good luck

I could think of much worse

I could think of much worse things that have happened to many ppl besides losing there license maybe I’m insensitive but losing a license isn’t that bad when you consider other things that can go wrong. Many ppl do work successfully with sezuires.

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