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Sleep Helpers

Hi everyone!

Just looking for an answer... is there any kind of “sleep helpers” (pills eg zquil or melitonen) that are safe to take? School and life in general is getting to me lately so I’m just curious if there is something out there that is safe for me to take on those nights where I just. Can’t. Fall. Asleep.



Review you evening routine to

Review you evening routine to make sure your sleep hygiene is not causing problems (look upsleep hygiene for more info). You can try melatonin, there are immediate release and extended release forms. Some people with migraines and epilepsy get an assist by taking magnesium - also tends to relax people so taking it in the evening before bed can help.

You should be able to take

You should be able to take Melatonin. The doctor said it was safe my son who sometimes has problems sleeping. You can get it over the counter. Ask the pharmacist which brand is best.

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