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Should I wear a medical ID?



I know there have been past discussions about this, but I am curious to see everyone's feedback about whether or not/when to wear an ID bracelet. I am 23 years old and typically only have simple partial seizures that are not noticable to anyone but myself. I have only had 2 generalized seizures in the past 13 years, and I  have some problems during sleep which I suspect may be partial seizures of some sort. 

Lately, I've been looking into wearing a medical ID bracelet. The websites that sell them say that people with epilepsy should always have one on. Friends with epilepsy, though, have said that they don't wear one because they don't want anyone to think there is something wrong with them or that they don't really think it is necessary since they have infrequent or mild seizures. I have actually gone as far as ordering two - one that is pretty and subtle (and would medical personnel notice it?) and one for sports that is a blue nylon wristband.  While I won't wear them to my current workplace in order to protect my privacy, I am in school for a job that will be in a hospital and I don't foresee running into any problems with people noticing the bracelet. 

At any rate, I would really like to see where I land among people who wear them and don't wear them. If you do or don't have one, what are your reasons? Is there anyone who wears one but only at certain times (ie when traveling, exercising, etc). I've read that they save hospitals a lot of time and money, but I don't want to be wearing it if it is a silly or unecessary thing. Sometimes I can get really excited about an idea and won't realize when it really isn't something I need to be doing. My doctor has never suggested having one. 

Thank you for your help (once again)!





Re: Should I wear a medical ID?

Here is information on wearing medical IDs from my website. (Sorry I can only post the link to my website, other links will be labeled "spam" and I won't be able to post this!)

Peace of Mind Jewelry -- where $10 of your purchase is donated to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Fiddledeeids -- you’ll find a whole array of beaded medical alert bracelets, charms here, you name it.

Lauren’s Hope -- has medical ID bracelets ranging  from casual to elegant…you can even create your own custom bracelet.

Alert Medical Bracelets -- bracelets and anklets that are stylish, pretty, affordable…and interchangeable, which is a fun concept.

Sticky Jewelty -- has a large array of bracelets, medical ID charms, necklaces, medical ID wartches -- with both traditional mand trendy styles.  Something for everyone!  

Medic Alert -- carries all of your records to give to doctors and ER.  Included are the names of your doctors,  medicines, allergies to meds and your family.

And yes, I DO wear a bracelet!  :-)     Phylis Feiner Johnson


Re: Should I wear a medical ID?


You are great!

Medic alert is great.  You can update medication info and health info it is really helpful for me when seizures and asthma kick in!

Re: Should I wear a medical ID?


I wear my Medical Alert ID bracelet every day. I am also a diabetic, but I never got my bracelet until I was dignosised with epilepsy. If I did have a medical emergency and I couldnt speak for myself then the bracelet could at least give the health professionals the information they needed.

I also wear it when I play sports and I usually get asked to take it off before a game (as you are not suppose to wear jewellery) but then I have to explain to the officials that it is a Medical Alert bracelet and at which point they always appolgize and it is allowed to stay on. Some people might be embarassed that it would draw attention that they are wearing one but you never know when it could just one day save your life.

Thankfully I have never had anyone use the information on the bracelet but I know it is there in case of an emergency.

I feel like I am the spokesperson for Medical Alert and trust me I am NOT but I seriously wear mine every day and done leave home without it. It is sort of my security blanket and feel that if anything ever happened it not only gives me the peace of mind for me but my family too because something is looking over me.

You made a good decision with your purchase of your bracelet your next step is to wear it!!


Re: Should I wear a medical ID?

Hi wjane, I wear one. When people ask, I said it is for drugs I am allergic to (whihc is also true). I don't tell them the whole truth, but I don't lie either. You could try doing that? I don't let people see the bracelet's inscription but then again I am a very very private person. And I know many people who don't let people see their bracelets inscriptions either.

Or you could do what my aunt does. Wear a gold medic alert CHAIN (I know Medic Alert brand has these) that looks like a normal gold chain. Once the docs take off your clothes, which they always do in an emergency (LOL), they'll see it on your chest.

By the way, there are many reasons for wearing a medical alert-it doesn't have to be a condition. Some ppl wear it to let medical personnel know they're an organ donor, or even if they're the sole-caregiver for someone wiht special needs or an elderly person etc. And allergies, are one of the top of that 'many reasons', seeing as my friends who wear them usually is due to that.

Re: Should I wear a medical ID?



         I'm joe I have partial seizures blackouts etc. generalized epilepsy. I wear a medical id on my necklace. I've worn a men's necklace for many years, so when it came time to wear a medial id, I bought the dogtag style from american medical id an let it hang from my necklace under my shirt. This is how i've been wearing it for many years now, and for the most part it does not bother me and it does not stand out to the public eye.

                                                                                        In my opinion the necklace version is the way to go.


                                                                                     Washington state



Re: Should I wear a medical ID?

Hi WJane,

I thought about wearing a medical ID listing Epilepsy when my clusters of Simple Partial Seizures started including many Complex Partial Seizures and Secondary Tonic-Clonic Seizures.

I've had epilepsy all my life, but when tonic-clonics started hitting me, if any witnesses were around, I'd often end up in ER. The majority would strike at night while I'm at home and normally asleep, so that reduced the 911 calls greatly.

I decided not to wear a medical ID because of the times when family members were involved and informed the medical personnel of my epilepsy. Over about a 25 year period, my trips to different ER hospitals and the same ER hospitals were numerous enough to illustrate the benefits and the hazards of ER's knowledge of my epilepsy.

Some ER's response to epilepsy will not preclude needless drug testing for illicit drugs. They will make that presumption and waste time and expense to test for illegal drugs no matter what.

Some ER's response to epilepsy includes presumptions of associated long-term Mental Disorders assumed common with epileptics if partial and/or complex seizures do not generalize into secondary tonic-clonics again for them to immediately verify. In Plain English, Medical ID will result in the label "insane and epileptic" instead of just "insane".

Many Public Officers, and judges, view an individual displaying a Medical ID as the individual trying to use their impairment as a license to engage in misconduct or to receive preferential "unequal" treatment. (Yes the ADA, and what ADA???).

Some 911 responders' and ER's responses to knowledge of the patient's epilepsy, results in epilepsy being blamed for everything.

Once, while I was trying to wait out an extra long and severe migraine that I get often after a tonic-clonic (my post-TC migraines were usually a few days long, this one, a few weeks long), I had another tonic-clonic, and afterwards,when both sides of my body started to suffer paralysis, I called 911. The 911 responders knew I had epilepsy, and they told me the after effects of my seizures would shortly leave, with no need for a trip to ER since the seizures were again now over. I put up the best fuss I could, and they relented, then at the ER, a Cat-Scan revealed a frontal subdural hematoma, and ER told me I was being transferred to a hospital with a neurosurgeon because I had about 3 hours to live without emergency surgery.


Re: Should I wear a medical ID?

Hi. If you don't want to wear jewelry, at least keep a card on your persons complete with emergency contact, meds, and a description of your condition.



Re: Should I wear a medical ID?

Thank you all so much for your comments! Each one of them was so helpful, kind and informative. I am now wearing my bracelet that I got from Fiddledee IDs everyday, and it certainly makes me feel safer. No one can even tell that it is a Medical ID - my friend complimented me on it the other day and was surprised when I told her what it was. Thanks again! I can't tell you how helpful this website can sometimes be.

Re: Should I wear a medical ID?

Hi my name is Jon and I was crusing the web and seeing how I can help people with Epilepsy, Diabetes, Autism, Cancer.

I currently have sent out Medical ID cards to various help groups and organizations. Though medical ID cards are in your wallet or purse they are still a great Idea to have. Lot of times if you are unconcious, doctors will look through your wallet for Identification. Bracelets are better but wallet cards are great to.

If you belong to a small or large help group please contact me as I would love to send your group some ID cards. This could be a church group, or neiborhood help group, or just a get together that you belong too.

Currently I am the owner of My Identity Doctor. It is a Medical Identification company. I offer free wallet cards with all ID bracelets. But I am really trying to reach out to some help groups. Some people can not afford an ID so at least they can carry a wallet card. Also the wallet cards can be put into a card holder and attached to clothing etc...

If you do belong to a group please contact me, our website is down currently but you can find me at my eBay store



Hope this helps in some way



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