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Seizure alert dog at Gaston County, NC Animal Control

I hope this helps somebody.   I know these kinds of posts spread like wildfire, so he may already be taken.  I hope he can find a home where he can put his skills to work.

 If you can help call --- Lisa Benton at (704) 922-8677

TRAINED FOR Seizure alert dog at Gaston County, NC Animal Control!
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Cross posting, and in case there is someone out there with a need who
wishes to confirm this. thanks. (although very sad that no more
thought is given to her than surrendering to shelter from owners if
she can, indeed, provide this service)

Hello, group! Gaston County AC has a shepherd mix dog who is trained
to detect seizures and/or diabetic episodes. Don't know how this
doggie ended up at a shelter, but it sure would be GREAT if we could
find a service organization who might want this dog. Does anyone have
any ideas? If you know of someone who could use this dog, please
contact Lisa Benton at (704) 922-8677. This dog is in grave danger of
being put down! Thanks, Cat


Re: Seizure alert dog at Gaston County, NC Animal Control

I'm up further north than Gaston County, NC but have been interested in a dog like this. I wonder if there is any assistance in relocating the dog as I'm on disability and could not afford to go pick the dog up. Maybe I would do better searching for a dog more in my area? Thanks for the info, I'll give them a call in the morning to see if the dog is still available.   

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