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Our VNS Story

My husband had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator placed two weeks ago.  While  researching this procedure, we noticed that there are not a lot of useful personal experiences readily available on the internet.  We have started a blog to document his experience with this device.  We will keep it updated so that everyone on the internet has access to a non-biased story and experience for VNS.


Check us out at 


Re: Our VNS Story

Here's a weblink to the "VNS Message Board".

Bruce. *I'm not a doctor, but the information I share is what I've either learned and or experienced due to having epilepsy myself.

Re: Our VNS Story

My son 11 yrs. old  had his VNS implanted Dec. 2007.  We are very happy with it.  It has given him better quality of life. I could go on and on with specifics But I'm not sure what you would like to know.

Would be happy to answer any questions. Feel free to email me.

Mom of "DM"

Re: Our VNS Story

What a great blog! Thank you for doing that! We are considering VNS for our 3 year old that is developmentally delayed. The seizure meds. are snowing her. I think she would be completely different off or reduced meds. We are a little apprehensive though because there have been bad reports. Of course there are bad reports with everything. I will continue to read your blog while we make our decision. I hope it continues to do well and I hope it gets better over time for you!


Re: Our VNS Story

Got my VNS on 7/28/2010. Doctor didn't get the nerve, so now stuck with it. Can't find a doctor to fix it or remove it.(the other surgeon won't fix the first surgeon mess up) Spend the extra time and money and get great doc. I should have gone to Emory. Don't trust company or doctor about pointing to good surgeon, they just refer to friends. Do the research, can't tell u if it works because mine never did!! No one is really giving solution, just pointing fingers. With what I'm going through, I think its the next scam on those that need help or hope. I want to know many other just have scars and nothing else to show for.

A. Taylor

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