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mom with epilepsy. can i be her inhome caregiver and get assistance or paid housing?

my mom has had epilepsy since she was a toddler. im 24 now and she has been in a nursing home since i was 18.. I was there for her at a young age. my parents got divorced and i became protective of her. i got expelled from 2 schools because i didnt want her to be alone incase she fell. she always told me "i may have epilepsy but im not stupid" and she also told me throughout my life that she didnt want my family to a nursing home. well my grandmother got sick and died so she had nowhere to go so they began looking for a nursing home for my mom and i fought with them and threatened them like a 18 yo would but i i had no control and was in no position to help so they sent her to one. i cant see her as much as i want and when i do see her it makes me empty inside i love her more then i love anything in the world. a few days ago i had an idea which was to be her caregiver. i was wondering if i could be paid to be her in home caregiver. she needs an inhome 24/7 caregiver because she has seizures daily. does anyone know of government assistance with paid housing or assistance etc.? please help!- jimmy


you might be able to get more

you might be able to get more information by calling the 24/7 help line. That number is 1-800-332-1000

Depending upon which state

Depending upon which state you live in, there may be Adult Foster/Family Care Programs that would compensate you for caring for your mother at home. 

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