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Link for Free Medical ID Cards Print at Home

Hello. I just wanted to share a great site I found. It offers free medical ID cards that you can fill out and print at home. My daughters medications are constantly changing, so we have never been able to engrave them into her Medic Alert bracelet, so finding this card was great. I print a new one every time her medications and dosages change. I then laminate it and keep it in my wallet. Hope this is helpful. Here is the link. Thanks blueheeler1998


Thanks, my meds change all

Thanks, my meds change all the time too, so this is perfect for me.

Re: Link for Free Medical ID Cards Print at Home

I use Medic Alert- this company provide braclets and necklaces from $10-500 and sometimes more depending on the metal you use. The system they use allows you to either call or go online to change you file information anytime such as medication doses or doctor's name and number or even your personal contacts. The emblem has an ID number with your most important conditions. The medications and dosages would be in your file and the person finding your ID would call an 800 number on the emblem then would have access to you other medical info. Ive had mine for two years and pay the $25 a year to maintain my account/file and find its easy to change medication dosages or types, add new informtaion and if a new condtion comes up then you might consider having it re-engraved if its sterling silver or gold, but stainless steal is about $10 or so.

Take care


Re: Link for Free Medical ID Cards Print at Home


THANKS a million!    Phylis Feiner Johnson

Re: Link for Free Medical ID Cards Print at Home

I don't think you can ever have enough ICE items.  My son, a high schooler, has one in his wallet, backpack, locker, and one on file with the school administration.  Much like your daughter's situation, we can easily replace them when medical information changes.  I would highly recommend them to every parent with a child with any kind of significant medical condition. We've also been looking into medical alert systems for when he's on his own.

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