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iPhone Applications to Document a Seizure in Progress

Does anyone know of an iPhone application that allows you to create custom conditions one is experiencing during a seizure to select from when you document a seizure? I use one application right now, but I have to write in what is occurring before, during, or after a seizure. I try to use Siri during my seizure, but if I am actually saying what Siri is documenting I need to see my Neurologist immediately for extensive medical treatment.


The Epilepsy Foundation My

The Epilepsy Foundation My Seizure Diary has the option to create your own seizure type with custom pre/during/post symptoms. You set your own description, name, average duration and frequency. When you set the custom seizure type as your default seizure, you can do quick entries after an event without having to enter all the data again.  You can give it a try here: An iOS and Android app version is also available. For more onboarding info and help videos, access our support section: Let us know how you like our app.

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