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My 3 yr old son was diagnosed with epilepsy last week. His seizures began while he was sleeping. I heard that there is a special pillow for that will help him should he have a seizure while sleeping again. Does anyone have any information about it? What is the appropriate name of the pillow? Where can I purchase it? How much does it cost? Are there any other products or resources that I should know about. All information is appreciated.

Thanks! :)


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This is a topic on this forum about Anti-Suffocation Pillows:

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Thanks for the information. I am glad to know that my question informed others as well.

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the pillow u are talking about is the sleep pillow u can buy it off line it costs about $70

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We are relatively new to having seizures too and I haven't even thought about my 4 yr old daughter suffocating at night. She has most of her seizures at night, so here is a new worry. God, I thought that I was already paranoid enough...apparently NOT! LOL! I'm glad I read this post though, now I can look into this pillow.

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