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Gaining information from a hospital

I had my first seizure over 3 years ago resulting in a car accident.  I stayed in a hospital for a few days (I don't remember how long exactly) and had many tests done that I don't remember the name of.  I don't remember what it was that the doctor told me likely caused the seizure.  I don't remember much.

I want to know.  I graduated from college two years ago, and along with student loans I want to have my medical condition and history organized.  I was in Michigan and am now in Colorado, so I think having these facts myself would be helpful.

 Anybody have any advice on how to do this?  From both hospitals and doctors?  I have looked at the website and found nothing regarding this.

 Thank you.


Re: Gaining information from a hospital

Do you know the name of the hospital? You can request your records from the medical records office of the hospital.

Re: Gaining information from a hospital

Do you roughly remember the dates?  Or the docs' names?  I would start with the records department.  They usually have everything, either on disk, film or something.  With the Freedom of Information act, you're constitutionally privy to all of your medical records.

You'll probably have to fax or mail some form of ID (HIPPA).  If they can't help you, I'm sure they'll be able to direct you to the proper channels.  Good luck!     Phylis Feiner Johnson

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