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epilepsy specific scholarships?

Hi! I'm applying for the fall to get my masters degree in social work and am searching for scholarships. Does anyone know of any scholarships out there that are specifically for individuals with epilepsy? I already know of the keppra one. Any others? Thanks for your help!


Re: epilepsy specific scholarships?

Are you on Disability? If so, check out this site

Re: epilepsy specific scholarships?

hi i want to go to college when i graduate but i have siezures and i cant find any scholarships...??

Re: epilepsy specific scholarships?

I was wondering if u were able to get any assistance on going back to school?  I have thought several times about going back myself and wonder if there was assistance for people with epilepsy.

Re: epilepsy specific scholarships?

Most states offer 5 years of grant money for undergrad, plus federal loans --besides epilepsy specific stuff.

call your local colleges financial aid office and they can help you out!

Re: epilepsy specific scholarships?

Check out the Pfizer ones.. I think these come out of the Epilepsy Foundation. You may also be eligible for a Student Fellowship grant from the Epilepsy Foundation that is aimed to non-physicians. Take a look at these links for the Health Sciences Student Fellowship or the Behavioral Science one, as well as other places for educational financial help.
EF financial assistance scholarships
Epilepsy Foundation Grants and Fellowships

Hope this helps and good luck!

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