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Emfit Seizure alarm sensor pad - newly found product

Just wanted to share this with everyone - my son has just turned 16 and has Complex partial epilepsy but depending on the circumstances of the day (overtiredness, illness etc)he also has Tonic Clonic seizures. As he's a young adult and obviously needs his privacy, my husband and I have been searching for 'something' that will give us both peace of mind at night time and give us some warning if Jay goes into a seizure. We wanted something that would alleviate the necessity for one or both of us to continually lose sleep checking that he was okay and also not intrude on his private space.We finally found a product by Emfit (which is probably nowhere near a new product, but it's new to us)which is a sensor pad which goes on the bed (under a thin foam overlay if it's an innerspring mattress, or just under the mattress if it's made of foam.)It plugs into a little control box which you put by the bed and if Jay goes into that jerking motion for longer than 8 seconds an alarm goes off which can be heard through the house. Now we've tried monitors but Jay doesn't make enough noise to alert us in a different room if we're sleeping, so this sounded perfect. It's available worldwide and in Australia it cost us $670 including postage.( I realise that the cost is quite expensive, but it was worth it to lower the stress levels and it's an effective but unintrusive added precaution for us) The supplier in Australia is Modcoms ( we found the company to be extremely helpful, very prompt with their replies to all our questions (and there were many!) Anyhow, I just figured that it may help others who are looking for something to give them a bit more peace of mind during the night as we all unfortunately need to sleep sometimes. I apologise to the site webmasters if it is against the site policy to post a product without some form of checking first, but I don't consider this advertising (not for the company as we have no affiliation with them whatsoever)but felt it may be helpful. These sensor pads have probably been in use in hospitals,nursing homes etc for years, but it was the perfect solution for us at this stage. If anyone is interested in checking the product out, you can find all the information from either or directly from the manufacturer Regards Jo Sedz -


Re: Emfit Seizure alarm sensor pad - newly found product

I don't have seizures, and no one in my family does.  I read this site to educate myself about seizures/epilepsy from people who are actually experiencing this condition.  I stumbled across this site when looking for information about my son's head bumping at night (epilepsy was ruled out).

Sedz, you answered a question I have had for a long time.  I was wondering how a person who experiences seizures at night could be monitored without totally smashing their privacy.  Some people have suggested video, but I would think that would be too prison like.  Of course I understand safety has to come before everything.

Re: Emfit Seizure alarm sensor pad - newly found product

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Re: Emfit Seizure alarm sensor pad - newly found product

Sounds like you did your homework but I encourage everyone to do their own.i think its is a good think to you share this in evey one thankx toshare me such a nice article

Re: Emfit Seizure alarm sensor pad - newly found product

Sounds like you did your homework but I encourage everyone to do their own. People who have a VNS or any implanted device should make sure that this and anything electronic won't interfere with an implanted device or cause other safety concerns for the user.


Re: Re: Emfit Seizure alarm sensor pad - newly found product

Thanks for that, I should have made sure that I mentioned the fact that it was electronic and could have an impact on implants.
Jo Sedz

Re: Emfit Seizure alarm sensor pad - newly found product

It such a great article, thanks for share.

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