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Container for Diastat?


 As a parent of a newly diagnosed 7-year old, we were just given our first Diastat prescription. Our son already has an EpiPen Jr. and an inhaler with a chamber, so my purse is turning into a traveling emergency pharmacy :-) Neither one is very small, but the EpiPen is contained in a protective case and the inhaler has a cover, so they do not eject in my purse. However, I am still carrying the Diastat in the large plastic box due to the injector not having an outer covering... He also has 6 additional meds due to allergies and asthma that we take with us when we travel, so smaller packaging is always a plus :-) Does anyone know if there is something that can be purchased specifically for this or has anyone found anything that creatively works best for it? Its not a huge deal, and with all the huge purses they have out these days-- If people can carry their dogs around in them, a Diastat and EpiPen aren't huge hauls :-) Buuuuuut... Just wondering :-)


Re: Container for Diastat?


 My son was recently diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and I have the same problem carrying the Diastat.  Did you have any luck finding a container?

Thank you,

Claudia Reed

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