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young teenage girl with epilepsy and her Menstrual cycle

Ok this is hard enough to talk about being that she is my little girl and all but i know she is growing up and all. my daughter is 13 soon to be 14yro. she has been epileptic since she was btwn 10-11 yro. she didnt get her monthly friend till she was 13 1 or 2 days after xmas and has not had another since. I remember reading somewhere that having seizures can cause this to happen. Now being as this is a touchy subject me being her father, is there any truth to this, and side effects negitive wise to this, and has anyone else experienced this? her mother is taking her to the obgyn doc on june 10th. we shall see. thanks. worried dad scott


Re: young teenage girl with epilepsy and her Menstrual cycle


I am the one who has epilepsy but got epilepsy at the age of nine. I personally dont remember back then. But my daughter who is now 16 got hers about age 14. She does not have epilepsy. In the beginning the menstrual cycle does not come regularly anyway. It could take a full year before it does come monthly. (that poor girl :)

But I had taken my daughter to the obgyn to get checked because she was having some problems with hormones and bleeding. They would not check her internally because of the pain it could cause.

But epilepsy causing that, I have never heard of that. I do want to make you be aware that seizures can go crazy at this time.
I do remember that the doctors could not find a drug for me to be on, for my seizures have increased at the time. (hormones were fluctuating) But back then, they didnt know that hormones were a problem with seizures.
I had put my daughter on a natural progesterone. But she was too stubborn to take it.
For myself as a 45 year, I am going through peri-menapause. I am on natural progesterone cream made by a compound pharmacist. This can help with hormones and seizures. Some neurologist recommend taking it.

take care and dont get embarrassed.

Re: young teenage girl with epilepsy and her Menstrual cycle

Hi Scott, we met briefly in the chat room, but so you know, I am a 33 year old woman, sz's all my life, but not diagnosed till 12. I have absence, simple and complex partial, and gran mal seizures. I have never heard of the sz's causing a woman not to get her regular cycles. Definately check with her doctor about it, but you may want to double check the meds. If anything affected it I would think it could be meds. What I can tell you, also, is that it is common for the sz's to be affected by the hormones. I'm not on any meds right now, and except for a rare instance here and there, the only time I get partials is 2-3 days before I start my period. It's every month, and I can almost set a calendar to it, it's kind of weird.
I hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to email me (just go to the profile, it'll let you mail me).
Good luck to you both,

Re: young teenage girl with epilepsy and her Menstrual cycle

Check out this article I just read from my newsletter about epilepsy and menstrual cycle. I hope the obgyn was able to clear things up, but maybe her epilepsy practitioner will have access to more current information on how menstuation and epilepsy interact.

good luck

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