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Waking up crying about spiders crawling on her. Is it an "aura"?

My 3 yo had a strange fainting type spell last week, she was with our nanny so I wasn't there to witness what happened. The nanny brought her to me immediately after, and my daughter was extremely pale, bluish lips, eyes dilated, spacey, couldn't or wouldn't talk, confused and very tired after "acting odd then fainting for only a second". She was in this weird/shocked looking state for almost 3 hours! Took her to her pediatrician right away who did blood test and physical exam - both normal. During the consultation he was asking a lot of questions and I remembered that the night before she woke up screaming that there were spiders on her. She had never had a nightmare before, so that struck me as odd that it happened a few hours before her "event". The doctor didn't think it was relevant. An EEG 2 days later showed abnormal waves and peaks on her right temporal lobe. CT was normal. The Neuro said the EEG disturbance "could" be from the recent event, and that we need to do another EEG 2 weeks later to compare. Well, since the event a week ago, she has awaken almost every other night (this is a new pattern for a child who has slept through the night for most of her life!), not with a nightmare, but wanting to be with mommy. Last night, however, she had another dream that spiders were on her! I've been doing tons of research on the internet, and have read that "the feeling as if spiders are crawling" on them could be an "aura" preceeding the fit, especially if the temporal lobes are affected. I still don't have a dx, but the pediatric neuroligist seems to think she had some sort of seizure last week but can't say yet if it was an isolated case or not until we do the second EEG. Should I ask for an MRI? I'm so worried!! My daughter has been in perfect health since the day she was born. We live abroad and during my difficult pregnancy I was given phenobarbatol to stop my "irritable uterus" from going into preterm labor. I don't know if that has anything to do with my daughter's event. I have never had a seizure nor has my husband. Thank you in advance for any advice and opinions!! xoxo-zzzzzing


Has she had any shots herself

Has she had any shots herself? They're very dangerous nowadays compared to before & causing so much harm to our society. Is your diet an alkaline diet? If not, our body is electric so, extremely sensitive to anything that goes on our skin & into our gut.

Re: Waking up crying about spiders crawling on her. Is it an "au

I have had several Simple Partial Seizures and only two Complex Partial Seizures. In both cases of the Complex seizures though my skin felt as if spiders were crawling all over it and at night I would dream about spiders. It made me feel insane. All I wanted to do was scratch. In both cases the "creepy crawlies" actually started about three days before the actual blackouts occured. Quite often I'll get crawling sensations on my skin that only last a few seconds but more often I get the feeling that dirt is on my hands and on my feet and that I can't wash it off and that too drives me crazy. Not as crazy as the spider thing though. The dirt thing makes my head and my teeth ache almost like when some one runs their nails across a chalk board. It just comes at me in waves and I just wish it would wash off. I quess all this is some sort of an aura because it only happens when my TLE is acting up. I hope this is not what your daughter is going through. Good luck with everything.

Re: Re: Waking up crying about spiders crawling on her. Is it an

You are the first one I've ever seen write about the hands and feet thing. I have that too and it drives me crazy! I also get the feeling at times that there is sand under my fingernails or toenails. I've always described the sensation the same way fingernails across a chalkboard. Just thinking about it makes my teeth hurt!


Re: Re: Waking up crying about spiders crawling on her. Is it an

I get the crawling sensations all over my skin, mostly on my right shoulder or down the right side of my body.

I don't feel "dirty" necessarily, but it feels as if something is touching my body that shouldn't be there, and yes, it makes me cringe and want to scream or cry.

Re: Waking up crying about spiders crawling on her. Is it an "au

I am NOT an expert. However, copper toxicity can make kids scared.
Hair analysis can show copper toxicity [drs does not trust hair analysis though]

I am also hearing all the bad things about Gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and corn. Please, check the following site:

Please, know I am Not an expert..Also keep us posted if anything works..we are all looking for answers when most of our neuros
are very arrogant or do not have time to explain us facts from the rumors.

UPDATE: My 3 yo had her 2

UPDATE: My 3 yo had her 2 week follow-up eeg today, and it came back abnormal. Our pediatrician said it was pretty much the same as 2 weeks ago, which was "slightly abnormal", but still, abnormal. But this time it's on the left side!!! How is that possible? Now we are scheduled next week for an MRI and they say they need to give her anesthesia! She's a very calm little girl and didn't need anesthesia for the 2 eeg's nor the CT scan!! I'm worried!! Anyone out there have to go thru anything like this? Does it sound like seizures? Can she have 2 abnormal eeg's yet not have epilepsy? Help!!

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