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Uncoordinated 5yr old with E

Reluctantly, I enrolled my daughter in karate for the summer. I noticed she has great difficulty with her sense of direction. I would love to tell you what type of seizures she has, but unfortuneately the results from her 24hr video EEG are not yet in. She is on Trileptal 300mg twice daily. Is this just an element of E? Has anyone else noticed this in their child?


Hi, I notice with my 9 year

Hi, I notice with my 9 year old that when he is soon to have or just had a few seizures that his usually uncanny balance is gone. He trips alot, fumbles alot, and drops things all the time.

Usually he has great balance. And very good on his feet.

My son has generalized seizures: Tonic clonics (not since last August), drops, jerks, and absences.


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Re: Uncoordinated 5yr old with E

Hi there a couple things I think its great that you enrolled your daughter in karate. What a great thing to do. I can tell you from the point of view at our house that my daughter walks wobbly but then again she has Cerebral Palsey so thats a givin (smile) so I am not sure that lost sense of direction is a direct cause of epilepsy, but I do know that my Charlie is taking a low dose of Lamictal and she tells me that it makes her head feel funny and discombobblated (her word) so perhaps the meds might be more to blame for the issue that you are seeing. I am sending good thoughts and well wishes your way and I hope your little one kicks can at her Karate ((((hugs))))

Re: Re: Uncoordinated 5yr old with E

Thanks! Keep Kayla in your prayers, I am still nervous and will discreetly tell her instructors she has E. I defintely don't want her to have a blow to the head! Some of those 5 yr olds are hard core! We'll let you know in a few weeks how it goes.

Re: Uncoordinated 5yr old with E

Hi... My son was diagnosed with generalized tonic clonic seizures when he was 2 years old and he is now 16. He was a very active and agile toddler and when we started to enroll him in organized sports (pee wee basketball, soccer, t-ball) at age 4, I started to notice that his gross motor coordination was unlike the other children. He was clumsy, awkward and unable to participate in activities that his friends were doing. He's been on Depakote ER. The epilepsy and the Depakote has definitely affected his coordination. Karate was a great activity for him so kudos to you for having your daughter enrolled in a class. My son now does strenghth training working out with weights and calisthenics- it's been fantastic for him. I think any activity which is slow and requires concentration and mind/body work is good.
I hope this was helpful. You are definitely not alone in your concerns.

Re: Uncoordinated 5yr old with E

my daugter is 5 and is also on trileptal.we put her in karate which she loves.she also gets her direction confused but I have noticed in karate shes not the only one.her karate instructer is aware that she has seizures and helps point her in the right direction when needed.she is also treated just like all the other kids.I know if you have a good instucter karate will be great for your daughter.let your daughter have fun in karate,although it looks scarey sometimes when they fight a 300lb man isolating them from"normal"sports is far worse.

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