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traveling overseas

My 18-yr. old daughter will be traveling to Europe with her school soon and I wonder if there is any advice/info for her as far as managing the time change and meds when she goes. Her seizures are controlled with daily meds.


Re: traveling overseas

I just came back from Germany on friday. I have dealt with the meds, switching the meds with the time and now just following the time in the US for my meds.

I had seizures in the past because I swapped the time and meds around. That can really screw things up. Your glucose level gets low and will cause a seizure. I was having generalized seizure because I did that.

I now just got up in the night to take medication and followed the US time. I NEVER switched the meds around. I did great. Towards the end I only had complex partial seizures, for I would get to sleep by 1 or 2:00 in the morning. I had seizures because, I lost so much sleep.

SO my suggestion is, to follow the US time with your meds.

If she can not get to sleep, tell her to take a nap in the afternoon. I did the first several days, but then the last two days I could not and that is when I had those seizures.

good luck

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