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Should children with Absence seizures be vaccinated

Son is 10 yrs old. Doctors insist there are no issues with him receiving vaccines. His mother is adamantly in disagreement to the point of wanting to homeschool to avoid the vaccines. His condition is not severe in that he is not on medication , does extremely well both in his sports and school, and the frequency of occurrences has been noticeably less as he is now approaching 11. However mom is not only adamantly opposed to the shots ,but has gone so far as to discredit doctors diagnosis as a genetic condition instead feeling prior vaccines must be the cause. She also is openly informing the child of her opinions and creating concern directly on the childs part. As the father i just want whats best for our son. I have faith in trained professional medical advice yet also can understand her suspicions and their basis with all the "anti vax " info and sentiment im seeing and hearing out there. If anyone in here could share their decisions as far as continuing to vaccinate or not I would appreciate the insight ! Touchy topic indeed

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