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Seizure not easily identified

I noticed the other day my 2yr old took an unusually long nap of 4 hours. A few hours later, while waiting for my daughter to finish karate class, he becomes limp, semi-lethargic and bites his tongue slightly. His seizures are so slight, the average person will not even notice it. His prior seizures occurred in the middle of play, while he was standing. It makes me kinda nervous to let the grandparents babysit and forget about daycare! I will find out on Monday exactly what his EEG showed and maybe what type of seizure this is. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


Re: Seizure not easily identified

you are not alone My daughter was recently diagnosed with Abscence seizures. we just noticed now her head shacking for a few seconds prior to just a few months ago it looked like she was just a kid going into a day dream for a few seconds. we now look back and relize she has had this for years she is 10.

Re: Seizure not easily identified

my daughter was two when she had her first seizure.she was perfectly moring she was up playing and she fell to the floor and was lasted several minutes.she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.she had several spells.14 in 10 was before christmas good luck getting a specialist.finally in feb.we were told that she has seizures.that was three years ago.back then she only had complex she has simple/complex partal.I hated leaving her for anything.than came the fears of simple things.Like letting her swing on a swing at the park,what if she had a spell and fell off?or if she was climbing up a slide,she would fall and get hurt.what I had to realize was that although it was a rational fear I had to let her be normal.she just got out of kindergaden and the fears came back,what if she had a seizure at school and I wasn't there,what if she got hurt having a seizure at school would the teachers handly things right?It was tough but she made it through it better than I did.I understand your is very scarey and you lose alot of sleep.not to many people understand unless they have been there.

Re: Re: Seizure not easily identified

I understand exactly how you feel, my daughter had a grand mal seizure july of last year. We found out she had been having seizures for awhile. she kept saying her right hand would tingle and nobody would listen to me. I did not know those were seizures. she also will space off for a second or two. I know I went through a stage where I would not let her leave my sight. I am getting better now though. I realized that she has to have a chance to be a normal child. She is back to playing softball and dancing. She is on trileptol and has been seizure free for 5 months now. Keep your fingers crossed that this keeps on working. course I still have nights were I don't sleep much just watch her for fear something will happen. like if she has had a really active day.

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