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Overwhelmed by son's recent diagnosis

Our 9 year old son was diagnosed in November with partial complex Epilepsy. He started having seizures in Sept/Oct, but they were mild at first and we didn't catch on until late Oct.
He responded to his first medication for about 5-6 weeks (at least while awake). He did start to say he was having episodes, but we had not have a chance to verify they were happening until earlier this month. I saw one occur and contacted our Neuro. He upped the medication and in the next 3 weeks he had at least 6 while awake.
We saw the Neuro on Monday and he upped the dose again. I bought a camera and installed it in his room, so we can verify if they occur while sleeping. Since the dose increase he's has 2 while sleeping and 1 while awake.
There is still more room to go until he hits the max dose for this medicine. I'm overwhelmed with how long do we keep letting the episodes continue before upping again, or just flat out switch. What resources are there for alternative therapies and methodology. I'm having trouble finding credible sources, books, etc. We asked about environmental factors we should look at to help reduce the seizures happening, but the doctor acted like it was a none issue.
How many medicines will they try before they diagnosis intractable?
He is a super smart, super well behaved kid and it hurts so much to watch him suffer, lose confidence, and worry so much at 9 years old. I want to advocate for him with the doctor, but I also have no idea where to even start this journey.

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