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Medic Alert

has anyone in here Joined them? they have several medical id bracelets that my daughter likes but you have to join them to buy them. from talking with them if sounds as if they are a middle man btwn you and the EMS if they are called. if something should happen you call the 800 # on the back and they call the ems/doc/ and they have all your info age, meds. your taking, etc. anyone ??? thanks. scott


Re: Medic Alert

Yes I have joined the medic alert. If there is a problem and your daughter is out by herself, someone would call the number on the back of the bracelet and they will pass the info to the hospital.
You give them all the numbers, info in advance and up date as needed.

No one has ever had to call, but it is better safe than sorry.

take care

Re: Re: Medic Alert

Lisa thanks so much i think i'll be joining them for my daughter.

Re: Medic Alert

Hi Scott,
I joined Medicalert a couple of years ago, and really like their service. The bracelet I got from them has my basic info on it such as allergies and my medical conditions. There is an 800# on it, along with my member ID. Should the paramedics or hospital need to, they can call the 800# and get all my medical info. What I really like about them is that I can go online at any time and update my info, such as med dosages, conditions, allergies, emergency contacts, etc. With the constant change of med dosages, it is nice to have a place to keep it all in one place, and know that medical personnel will have the most up to date info (as long as I remember to update it, which I am pretty faithful about). I also have the VNS implant, and the information such as make/model/serial number and special warnings are also contained in my file.

Best of Luck,

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Re: Re: Medic Alert

Barbie, thanks so much i think i'll be joining them for my daughter. i talked with them on the phone and they told me the same thing. its good know it just wasnt a sales pitch. thanks.


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