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EEG results & multiple seizure types

Hi, I was interested in a post by Littlebug about her daughter. It sounded like my son, who was diagnosed with complex partial seizures. After adjusting his Lamictal to a good level after 3 years (he is 8) he finally had 2 normal EEGs! They have always been very abnormal though he doesn't seem to have clinical seizures while medicated. His next EEG showed generalized activity all over the brain, & the next in the parietal/occipital region. It had always been in the temporal or frontal region. They cannot even put him into catagory or define his type of epilepsy now. The pediatric neurolgist is very good, but they seem unconcerned about him since he does well in school, & does not have seizures that we can "see." Has anyone experienced anything similar?


Re: EEG results & multiple seizure types

all of my daughters eegs have been normal.that doesnt change the fact that she has seizures.eegs only show up abnormal if there is seizure activity at that time.has your son had a 48hr video telemtry test yet?if not talk to your neuro about doing one.It might help with more daughter just had one in feb.she is now listed as having both simple/complex partial seizures.

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