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6 year old son seizure

Just before Christmas my 6 year old son had an apparent seizure. He was sitting in his AWANA class. His head was on his desk & he was drooling. At first the teacher thought he was spitting on his desk. She called his name & he did not respond. A teacher closer to him started gently shaking his shoulder. He kind of rolled his head around. The teacher was able to get him to follow his finger with her eyes. I got in the room almost immediately (I happened to be near his room). He was just sitting there kind of dazed. I asked him if he felt good & he mumbled "no." He felt a little warm, but nothing extraordinarily hot. I picked him up to take out. One of the teachers got her husband to help me carry him, because my son is big (not overweight, but a big ((think football)) boy. I handed him to the man & he kind of rolled his head & upper body around like a newborn. Several people around us gasped, because they thought he was going to be dropped. He carried my son out to my car & put him in the seat, my son was extremely groggy & could not help him, buckle, etc. It took about an hour to get to the hospital, by the time we got there he was talking, but still acting like he just woke up. The ER did a cat scan & blood work. All were normal. I followed up with my pediatrician the next day. She decided to do schedule an EEG. She did this because when he was 4 he was at pre-school & he turned white, threw up & went lethargic, by the time I picked him up he was fine (within 30 minutes). That first episode we chalked it up to a lot of allergy drainage. We did the EEG & the following week, we found out it was abnormal. I have been assured that it is not a tumor or anything life threatening. That is helping my nerves (that & the people praying for us). He has not had an episode since. He acts like a typical 6 year old boy.

I am not sure what I am asking here, maybe similar stories????

S in OK


Re: 6 year old son seizure

Many people have a one time seizure and never have another. The abnormal EEG might be more of a concern indicating that another is possible. Will you have him followed up by a ped neuro? I would really recommend this.

They say that an abnormal EEG does not always mean epilepsy.It is possible to have an abnormal one and not have seizures. You can also have a normal EEG and have seizures....

I really hope your son is fine and has no more seizures!!

(on a side note, I was an AWANA leader and Director for 18 years! LOVE the program. My daughter is on the regional Summit team for AWANA. )

Take care! Ginny

Re: Re: 6 year old son seizure

We have an appt with the pediatric neurologist on Jan 16th. Originally it had been scheduled for Feb 21st, but I got on the cancellation list & one came up. I really don't know what to expect, what my pediatrician has indicated is that he will have a tendancy to have seizures. His seizure came on after watching a puppet show that included strobe lights, so we are thinking that maybe that had something to do with it. Although, he plays video games without a problem.

I am the Cubbies director at our church. My boys have both been in AWANA since they were 3!!!

Thank you, S

Re: Re: Re: 6 year old son seizure

Hi, and welcome. I definitely have a similar experience. My son just turned 6 and has had somewhere between 5-10 seizures since he had his first one right before Thanksgiving. He was able to describe it to me and I did take him to a ped. neurologist. We just had our EEG today, so we're in waiting mode.

I've observed a few seizures (or I *think* I observed them, anyway) and after two of them my son threw up...but he was sick at the time so I don't know whether that's connected. But after ALL of them he was terribly groggy and exhausted and flushed for a while. I think my son has only had seizures when sleep deprived or ill.

Our follow up appointment with our ped neurologist is on the 16th, just like yours. I look forward to checking in with you and comparing notes.

Best regards,


Re: Re: Re: Re: 6 year old son seizure

I will definitely update you, good luck with your appointment as well. Have you spoke to your son about it? My son knows he had a seizure, but we haven't really discussed anything else. We are waiting to see where we go from here.

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