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MSG- It's everywhere!

Hi. My name is Missy and I've suffered with seizures since I was 10 years old. Complex Partial Seizures that is. They didn't diagnose me though until I was 18. It's been hell. They say to stay away from MSG. But it seems to be everywhere! I'm so scared and don't know what to do. It seems to be hidden in foods. What should I do about restaurants? Where should I go? Where should I not go? When I ask people if they have MSG in their food they never have a clue or an ingredients list. And how can I trust them? I need help. Please help me.


Re: MSG- It's everywhere!

Hi Missy,
I am allergic to MSG-it causes horrorific migrains for me.I have learned to just read every label on food before I buy it, and even on food that hasn't had it before, you really have to stay on it because recipes change. As to eating out, everything in a restaurant, even fast food has labels. If the person you ask doesn't know, ask for a manager. I have worked many years in restaurants, so this is how it works. If they tell you they don't know what that is, tell them Monosodium Glutamate. If they have pre-prepared foods, it is on the label with the list of ingredients. If they make all their own food, ask if they use it. Again, if they give you that blank look, ask for the manager, tell them what will happen if you eat it, that usually is enough for them to actually find out if they don't know. Ask your doctor if you can take benedryl, I have found that works to combat the reaction, even if you take it after having eaten MSG unaware of it. What exactly does the doctor tell you will happen if you consume MSG? If you feel that you can't trust them, don't eat there. Unfortunately there are some people who are lazy and won't make sure for you(I have worked with a lot of those types...) but I have found in general, most will try to help if they can. If they get all frustrated or irritated at your question, it's a pretty good bet they are not going to really check for you. That is why I recommend the manager and explaining why you ask.
Good luck,

Re: Re: MSG- It's everywhere!

The reason why I ask is because my doctor told me to stay away from it because it can cause me to have a seizure. That's some really great advice. Is there any popular restaurants you know of that don't have any msg in their food?

Re: MSG- It's everywhere!

MSG is just about everywhere. I have info in my groups about it. I dont have a web site of this info.

But even in health stores I have found it. Because MSG comes in different name forms that people are not aware of.

Here is the info

With your help we can put an end to this, and stop the Slow Poisoning of

According to FDA rules require no labelling at

: Additives that always contain MSG:

: - Monosodium Glutamate
: - Potassium Glutamate
: - Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP)*
: - Hydrolyzed Protein*
: - Hydrolyzed Plant Protein*
: - Hydrolyzed [Anything else]*
: - Plant Protein Extract
: - Sodium Caseinate
: - Calcium Caseinate
: - Yeast Extract
: - Textured Protein
: - Autolyzed Yeast
: - Hydrolyzed Oat Flour

: [*Made from "junk" vegetables selected for their
: quantity of excitotoxins (e.g., glutamate).
: are boiled in a vat of sulfuric acid for several
: and then the acid is neutralized with caustic soda.
: The brown sludge is scraped off the top and dried
into a
: powder. The powder itself it high in glutamate,
: and cysteic acid (all excitotoxins). In addition,
: powder contains known carcinogens. Finally,
: vegetable protein contains dicarboxylic amino acid,
: safety of which is unknown. MSG is often added to
: this powder. Finally, the powder is put into
: foods, including baby food.
: Bon appetite!]

: Additives that frequently contain MSG*:

: - Malt extract
: - Malt Flavoring
: - Bouillon
: - Broth
: - Stock
: - Flavoring
: - Natural Flavoring
: - Natural Beef or Chiken Flavoring
: - Seasoning
: - Spices

: [* Often have between 30% and 60% MSG when it is

: Additives that may contain MSG or excitotoxins

: - Carrageenan
: - Enzymes
: - Soy Protein Concentrate
: - Soy Protein Isolate
: - Whey Protein Concentrate

: Accent is a trade name for a common MSG seasoning.

: Natural food stores are fond of telling customers
that their
: products do not contain "synthetic" MSG, only
"natural" MSG.
: Do not buy it! Read the labels, even in natural food

Re: MSG- It's everywhere!

Hi Missy,

Shortly after my daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy we heard the same thing about MSG. I recommend reading this book - or at least parts of it - it really helped us understand MSG and how bad it really is for everyone + the link to neurological disorders like epilepsy. Since then we have our family on an organic diet (90%). That and reading labels are the best way to avoid it. The book is called "Excitotoxins - The Taste that Kills", by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. Good luck!


Re: MSG- It's everywhere!

About hidden food additives to which a few persons, not everyone, are extremely chemically sensitive to:

Re: Re: MSG- It's everywhere!

At our local malls there are a few places that use 'fresh' veggies and will stir fry it for you right there and if you tell them not to, they won't put anything, spice or saucewise on it. But now I wonder, do they rinse the veggies in something with chemicals in it to clean it ahead of time?

Many restaurants willl steam fresh veggies for us if we ask and are very very specific about no spices or sauces.

But I guess this is about the safest we can get, the above, to avoid the chemicals and food additives we are sensitive to.

Re: Re: Re: MSG- It's everywhere!

ask, if they have put msg on the veggies ahead of time, i cant tolerate msg either,so i am very careful. it gives me heart palitalitonas. and i start sweating. and get dizzy. so i have my fovorite places to go where i know they are msg free

hugs banffgirll

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