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lamictal dosage - 400mg - a lot?

can anyone tell me the 'average' dosage of lamictal? i have been on lamictal for about 2 years and i LOVE it - i am taking 400mg a day and i am curious as what dosage other people are on.


Everyone who has made a comment or asked a question here seems to have some level of epilepsy!

The Seizure Medications used for Epilepsy such as Lamictal are also used For Bi-Polar Type I and Type II.

In general Epilepsy requires more Lamictal dosage then Bi-polar, but here againin both health problems it depends on how severe the condition or even the size of the Patient. I generally take more of any kind of medicine because I'm 6ft 2'' and 280 lbs. I do have a question for the forum! If the seizure medications are used for both epilepsy and Bi-polar is there a link between Bi-polar and Epilepsy? I'm taking 200mgs of Lamictal.

I take 700 mg Lamictal/day with 360 mg Dilantin, 4 mg Clonazepam, and 400 mg Vimpat.  I'm being seen in a Comprehensive Epilepsy Ctr.  My epileptologist is the director of the center.  If I wasn't under his care, I wouldn't take such a strong dose of so many different AEDs!!  My seizures still aren't completely controlled, however, I feel comfortable having 3 seiz/month.
Are you being seen by an epileptologist (neurologist that specializes in epilepsy.)?  Its extremely important to be under the care of an epileptologist when you take a high dose of any AEDs.    

I got started on 300mg of Dilantin and 300mg Of Lamictal. I have asked my doctor to let me get off of the Dilatin and since decreasing it I have had more seizures. I would love to find homeopathic alternatives to prescription drugs. Does any one know of any? Has anyone tried medical marijuana to help?

    I take 800mg. lamictal , 3000mg. keppra, and 600mg. dilantin daily. Also on 2mg. lorazepam(was up to 4 mg.), the doc is 'weaning' me off of it. Says it is addictive. And also have a VNS implant.

I'm taking 700mg of Lamictal a day, 400 in the morning and 300 at night. I don't know if that's average, but from what I've heard, that's about the normal dose. I have very few side effects from it, but my seizures are still not well controlled. Maybe it's the med, maybe it's me. I've taken Dilantin, Depakote, and Lamictal, I'm ready to go back to one of these drugs, I want to give Dilantin another try. I'm willing to try anything, I just want to better control my seizures even if I have to take more than one drug.    

I take 450mg a day and it is ok.  I also take vimpat and neurontin.  if you think it is too much discuss it with your doctor and tell him what side effects you are experiencing.  unfortuntatly for me, I doubled my dose out of confusuion.  I od'd on it and it was so bad.. went to hospital to detox for 4 days.  also, you should have your blood checked once in awhile  for what ever it is they look for.  my wife now takes care of my meds.

I take 450mg a day and it is ok.  I also take vimpat and neurontin.  if you think it is too much discuss it with your doctor and tell him what side effects you are experiencing.  unfortuntatly for me, I doubled my dose out of confusuion.  I od'd on it and it was so bad.. went to hospital to detox for 4 days.  also, you should have your blood checked once in awhile  for what ever it is they look for.  my wife now takes care of my meds.

700 + Zonasimide. Works okay - better than Tegritol.

I take 800mg a day. This seems to be working well for me right now. I had some trouble sleeping at lower doses. No trubles now. I feel well with no noticiable side effects. I recently received a different generic with my last refill. I had a seizure after four days. I'm no longer taking that generic and am once again doing well.

What's up with the changing generics without notice anyway?

Hey folks, Im new to this even though ive had epilepsy since 2007. Ive only ever been on Lamictal and its only ever increased. Im now on 400mg also, 200 am and 200pm.

My issues is that I basically bring the epilepsy upon myself. Due to my age, I have a very social and active life. It does include drinking and late nights on weekends. I have of course tried my best to keep it to a minimum, but around 5-6 times a year, I go too strong or I miss some meds and end up paying the price.

Im the youngest of 4 and the only one to have Epilepsy. For me, te worst is the auras before even though it is a handy warning sign. I do have a cist and my neurologist says I could go for surgery to remove it and see if it helps, but is it worth it if i can control my seizures? Im not quite so sure.

I do have one Question, i live in dublin and my neurologist is N.tubridy, I was wondering is there anyone here who has him too? Also if they have one in dublin too and find them really good?


Hi There I am going on Lamacital 400 mg soon the dossage is between 200mg and 500mg my doctor said. He didn't want to go higher then that but I'm also going on keppera as awell up to 2500mg a day.

hope tjis curse my seizures more

Hello, I take 800 mg/day of the stuff and am fine.  The neurologist checked my Lamictal level and found it to be in the middle of the therapeutic range which is fine.  She told me that there are patients taking even higher doses without any problems.  I'm on mono therapy and the neurologist told me that if I ever start taking a second drug that she would reduce the Lamictal dose.  Hopefully I can remain on monotherapy but as you know epilepsy has a mind of its own and I have very little say in the matter.


I am on 800mg a day as well, not without some side effects, but I am doing well. I am also on Potiga and Vimpat now, and my seizures have been cut in frequency over half!


I do take 400 mg of Lamictal, 200 am and 200 pm. I have found the current level that I am on my short term memory is "short" My wife tells me that I have a tendency to repeat a lot.

400mgs total as any dose of meds I belive is actually a low dose, your blessed! I'm on a total dose of 400mg of meds, 200mgs Topamax 200mg Lamictal, as of right now. In the past though it was much higher. By the way a quick question for ya, how are the side effects for you? There's not the agression I had with the keppra, but some what an annoyance being a summer girl, the prickling from the sun, but this side effect is way more handleable compaired to the other.

 I switched from Dilantin to Lemictal 5 years ago but I increased the Lemictal  before decreasing the Dilantin and it was a year long process and I ended in hospiltal once , and today I'm on 800mg,  it is not easy but it is better than thaking Dilantin for 30 years and I was very scare to switch and I did not even wanted to I worked for mebut thanks my Dr. who "forced" me to do it because  you are better  without Dilantin if you can .




I've tried 12 different drugs, and combinations of some of these. Dilantin, and Lamictal worked fine, controlling all seizures for 8 years, and they returned.  I was on 200 mg of Lamictal twice a day with500 mg of Dilantin which is what worked for 8 years. My Doctor has not increased the Lamictal beyond that amount, we have just tried different drug combinations. I now am on a combination of Dilantin, Lamictal, and ONFI. It has worked for the past 2 months, which is when I upped the dosage of ONFI.

Hi craig, I have read all these replys about lamictal,which I too have been on for a while. Also Dilantin,Topamax,Keppra.... I also had my seizures return after 7 years(have had seizures for 10 tho). I have had many tests,surgery,etc. But what caught my eye was that you've tried 12 different drugs? Was Banzel one of them? I am currently on that as well. 400mg am and 400mg pm.
Banzel does not come in generic form and is expensive.Taking these medications have not been effective in treatment. I only take the topamax,lamictal & Banzel right now but still it's just too much medication. Just curious because not one reply mentioned Banzel as a form of treatment,and if so how did it work for you? Thanks for any reply you might give.

I am in a similar situation. What type of seizure do/did you have? Did Lamictal provide similar control to Dilantin?

What is your height/weight...i want to see how my dose compares.

Hi Bishopr--I have been on Lamictal for about 4 years now.  It has been amazing in that I can actually stay awake now all day, and it has controlled my seizures well.  I have taken a generic for about 1 year--the low cost is a God-send and it has worked well.  Recently, my Pharmacist gave me a different generic.  Apparently, changing generics happens when the pharmacy gets a new contract for the year with a different company.  I insisted that she look it up and make sure that it was the same dose.  Of course, "it was fine..." I took it for 3 days and began to itch all over.  I called and asked what kind of fillers were in the new generic.  There were 7 fillers, 1 of which was talc (like talcum powder).  I am VERY allergic to talcum powder.  I am back on the old generic, but I am having break through szrs again.  Back to see the neurologist.   Hope this helps...

Well, my neuro recently added Lamictal to my Keppra. I take 1500mg Keppra twice a day and only 25 mg of Lamictal twice a day. I'm thinking that they slowly increase it though. So it could be more if it gets worse.

I used to be on 400mg of Lamictal. Unfortunatly it did not work for me as I got insomnia as a side effect that made my seizurs worse. My dose got reduced and another drug added.
I know of quite a few people who are on 400mg and some who are on an even higher dose.
hope this helps a little
take care
Honeybear xxx

Hi nzingar, I've been on Lamictal for over a year and a half now. I've had really good results with it, too. Just after diagnosis with E, I was put on Dilantin 300mg/day. It controled sz, but cooked my memory and made me intollerably irritable. Sliding over to L got rid of the cranky behaviour and seemed to boost my energy level- a happy pill, eh. My liver isn't breaking it down as well now. My new neuro has backed me off to 200mg/day from 400. That's helped my short-term memory even more. Best of all, of course, no sz. I'm wanting to drop the dose to 100 with help from her homeopathic methods. We'll see how it develops. Glad it's working for you for sure! Keep smilin' -cc

you are taking 800 per day? I was worried that that was too much.... but I just started.
Hope it works I am taking Pheno and I want him to take that one off... hope I can do so.

now am taking 800 mg.of Lamictal a day, but seem to like it for now. Been on it for quite a few years so I won't have to take phenobarbitol or dilantin. But also take other meds.

hey i'm on 75mg of Lamictal. I just got a partial seizure. My case is minor, so i'm going to ask my doctor to up it to 100mg. Is anyone else on a 100mg dosage?


I didn't think Lamictal was effective until it reached 200 mg, that was what my neuro told me but I guess it is different for everyone.  It didn't start working for me until I took 400mg. the good thing is I have not had any side effets with it.  Good luck with finding the right doseage for you  :)

I take 600 per day and another 3000 of Keppra and seems to keep the TC's under control pretty well. Right now, I'm taking Klonopin for my simple partials.

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