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Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?


I am new to the site today and have been doing my own research to try and help myself understand what is going on with my epilepsy.  I am 26 and have had seizures since 18 years old.  Sometimes I go a year, two years without a seizure.  The doctors give me the yeah yeah you had a breakthrough seizure, not sure whats causing my seizures.  I'm sure you all know what I mean....   Anyway I had been seizure free for 2 1/2 years until last week when I had a breakthrough seizure.   I am currently on Lamictal 500mg/day and this has been way better than the dilantin and other meds I had before.  While talking about this most recent seizure somebody suggested to me that aspartame could be causing my seizures.  I wasn't sure what aspartame was.  So I looked it up and it is an artificial sweetener used in Diet Soda's etc.  I drink Diet Coke like a drug addict !!!  At least until last week that is.....   Nobody ever said anything to me like this, and I figured I may have started drinking Diet Coke around the age when I started having seizures.  Does this mean anything to anyone?


Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?


 Yes, its been said that artificial sweetners & seizures are connected.. as is MSG found in all kinds of foods like soups, chinese & thai foods..

See  "Epilepsy and Food" for even more info


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Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

My son is 10 years old and had his first seizure in March of 2006. He has had all his other seizures in the months of Aug-Sept and Dec-Jan. His last was Jan 16th of 2009. We cut aspartame and artificial colors out of his diet early this year. I was thinking maybe the summer filled with drinking gatorade for baseball and just a crappy diet may have been giving him the breakthrough seizures. So far so good.


Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

Yes there is definitely a link. I have had epilepsy for over 30 years & I was always told to stay away from aspartame & nutra sweet. I have done that so I can't tell you what the effects are, but I have always been warned!

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?


My son is 6 years old and out of nowhere started having seizures last year in July. I took him to a neurologist and he was diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy, something he should outgrow. The last seizure he had was last year in October, then suddenly in June he started having them almost every other day. It scared me to death and when I spoke with the nurse she recommended this website. I have been looking for triggers that could cause him to have a seizure, like not getting enough rest, playing video games for a long period of time, changes in his routine. I was not told about aspartame either. I am somewhat of a health freak when it comes to feeding my kids especially when it comes to sugar. I was giving him Crystal Lite to drink with dinner and some times with lunch. I didn't realize that was a trigger until I had been making sure he was going to bed earlier, limiting his time on his Wi, and keeping a normal routine for him. I had been doing everything right, well the night before he had the last seizure, he drank about three cups of Crystal Lite, lemonade flavor. Then it hit me, what if aspartame had some connection to triggering his seizures. Well, I did some reasearch online and found out it does. People who have seizures rather they have epilepsy of have diabetic seizures, I read that aspartame and Splenda could trigger the seizures. Since I stopped giving him anything with artificial sweeteners in it, he hasn't had a seizure since. Try to eliminate this ingredient from your diet. Good luck.

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

Editing this post to say, I'm eliminating Coke Zero and anything else I find with Aspartame from my diet. I'm just going to try to drink nothing more than water either from a bottle or from the RO Unit I installed in my kitchen sink. 

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

So have I.  We don't need aspartame in our diets.  My seizures are the same, but aspartame is bad for us anyway.   We need to eliminate all seizure triggers in order to get better.

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

I have juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. In the spring of 2005, I began spending time with a friend who drinks diet coke like a fish. I started drinking it - never having eaten anything with artificial sweeteners because I had read of instances where seizures had been caused by them. Neurologists had assured me that if this were true, people would be seizing all over the place - so I decided to take advantage of the zero calorie diet coke. Ten days later I had my first grand mal seizure. I hadn't had any seizure activity in over 10 years. There is a definite connection. Sudafed triggered the same reaction nearly a year later. Fortunately, I've been seizure free since. Sending you seizure-free energy...

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

Yes, Aspartame is bad stuff and is in many foods, not just drinks. Read the labels. Also keep away from preservatives as this kills mould/bugs etc because it is a form of poison! Your not even safe with fresh fruit and veg as this has been sprayed with insecticides (another poison).  I"m no health freek but Ive now gone organic. We get off lightly with epilepsy as I feel sure people die of cancer from this stuff! My ep" has done me a favour by making me look in to it all. READ THE LABELS!!!

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

I cut out aspartame and my seizures completely stopped.  Aspartame should be completely banned, and someone needs to start a class action law suit against whoever makes this poison.

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

It took 16 years for the FDA to approve aspartame.  In fact, the FDA’s own toxicologist told Congress that: “Without a shadow of a doubt, aspartame can cause brain tumors and brain cancer and violated the Delaney Amendment, which forbids putting anything in food that is known to cause cancer.” — FDA Toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross

It was finally accepted (for political reasons that are too scandalous to write about here) and here are the results:

For starters, medical authorities estimate that aspartame has brought more complaints to the FDA than any other additive. Specifically, over the years, various reports have implicated aspartame in headaches, memory loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, and cancer. It also appears to worsen or mimic the symptoms of such conditions as fibromyalgia, MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, and depression…

In fact, aspartame is responsible for 75 percent of such complaints to that agency. And, after receiving some 10,000 consumer complaints, the FDA compiled a list of 92 symptoms linked to aspartame — including death.

WHY? Because aspartame attacks your body at the cellular level so it can negate all kinds of medications Americans take, including antidepressants, Coumadin, cardiac drugs, hormones, insulin, vaccines, and many others.

In short, it is a deadly neurotoxic drug masquerading as a harmless additive.     Phylis Feiner Johnson


Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

Please list any AEDs which contain aspartame.  I'm wondering if that's why my seizures are refractory.  Thank you.

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

For a few persons (not everyone), a few food additives such as aspartame can be a factor. (Modern nutrition/the ADHDs/the epilepsies/brain injuries/sports concussions/etc.)

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

     I have been drinking Diet Coke, Pepsi, and others for years with no problem.  For years, means 30+ years,  Until 2010 there has been no problem.  I am not saying that the Aspertame won't cause seizures,  I am just saying after 30+ years I didn't have a problem until 2010.  I drink it like an adict as well,  so if it does cause seizures why did it take over 30 years to have a reaction.  If anyone has a definate science based reason for the diet drinks with aspertame to cause seizures,  PLEASE,  let us know so we can take it to our Doctors and find out for sure what the    H--- can be done to correct this issue, besides not drinking it...

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

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Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

I'm not disagreeing with anyone, but the way I was told, aspartame interacted with my medication. Tegretol at the time. I've had it here and there and don't attribute any seizures to it, things were well controlled by medication, but I avoided it as much as I could when I was on tegretol.

that has never been asked of me since being off of tegretol. Just like when I was on depakote, they don't want you taking aspirin even an aspirin regimen for heart health.

like I said, that has always been how things were explained to me by neurologists, and following that advice never had seizure I could attribute to those things. but have since never been advised on any other drugs than tegretol to avoid aspartame, and aspirin since depakote.

- Carl

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

It hasn't been found to be there, however it doesn't mean it's not.  Think about it:  I found out two things before  medical science did.  They didn't know birth-control pills interacted with Dilantin until I got pregnant.  Now several AED's are proven to interact with birth-control pills.

When I shattered my R knee in '84, my orthopedist told me not to waste my money on Glucosamine/Chondroiton.  I didn't need a prescription because it's a food suppliment, so I kept on taking it.  The next time I saw him I said, "you might think it's a waste of money, but my knee feels better."  Now doctors everywhere are advising their patients to take it!  The only way to know for sure, is to prove it. 

It hasn't been proven to interact with AEDs, but it hasn't been proven not to interact.   If you feel better without aspartame, stop using it; Diet Coke, etc.  Give it a while to prove it doesn't make a difference to you.  Also, last but not least, you could be allergic to aspartame.  

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

Aspartame is poison for people with Epilepsy, I USED TO drink Coke Zero with Aspartame in it like it was water. I've stopped drinking Coke Zero, improved my diet and had RTL surgery on May 5, 2011. I have been seizure-free since. I was told by my Dr before I would be considered for surgery to stop eating or drinking anything with artificial sweeteners in it, read labels, take my meds and see how my seizure control goes. It did get better but I was still having them and my Dr recommended Right Temporal Lobe surgery, I have been seizure free since RTL surgery on May 5, 2011.

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

Wow!  Thank you for this vital information.  Too bad Jello just had a big sale, but I'm sure the food bank will be happy to receive it.  Perhaps this will significantly reduce my seizures?  If not, at least I'll know that I'm safer because I have taken that necessary step to make myself healthier.

Thanks again for this vital information,


Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

In college, my father was diagnosed with diabetes and my mother began supplementing EVERYTHING with low sugar or no sugar items. Not long after I began having migraines which I had never had before. I suffered 2 grand mals. I didnt put the two together until I moved back home a few years later to continue college and within a week started having the migraines all over again. I was eating their DIET food again with aspartamine. Aargh! This stuff is poisonous!

Re: Diet Coke Aspartame Seizure Link?

Want you to know you're not alone.  It's been twenty years or more
since I've had to worry about seizures.  Only time I've had them in the past
was twenty some years ago as a side effect of the anti-depressant Nortriptyline.
A few years ago I became interested in diet soda pop such as Diet Cherry Coke.
I was drinking a fair ammount of it when I had a seizure of one kind or another.
My room mates found me flat on my back staring into space
(no disruption to the room so maybe it was a petite mal instead of grand mal)
They turned me on my side, which is the suggested thing to do with seizure victims
(to keep the tongue out of the airway) I woke up in an ambulance.
Later...when I saw a Neurologist about this, she
told me to spend more modest  ammounts of time on the
computer and also avoid Aspartame (the artificial sweetener)
I have been trying this.  So far so good.

Aspartame is an evil, evil

Aspartame is an evil, evil substance and should be banned along with all the other toxic sweeteners auch as sucralose, steviol glycosides and acesulfame k. Can't say for certain but pretty sure me drinking 2-8L of diet coke a day for 8-9 years straight is what caused me to start having seizures out of nowhere back in 2011. How are you getting on now? Is the lamotrigine still working for you?

Yes stay away from aspartame

Yes stay away from aspartame not good at all for someone with history of seizures. I always read ingredients. Have a great day.

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