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My husband's specialist wants to trial him on this drug. I have no peace about it, just as I did not about Topomax. Which turned out to be very toxic for his body and he is now recovering with only one seizure in seven weeks. I want to know more information about Pregabalin/m not sure of the spelling.Anyone able to help me?


RE: pregabalin

First suggestion is to type the word into your search engine and see what comes up. If it is an experimental drug you aren't likely to get any information, at least not yet. What other drugs have you tried and what have been the reactions? Keep us posted.

RE: pregabalin

Well if I had the name of the drug name I can find about it. here 3 Search engines tricks I do is use type in the drug see if it comes up. And then use and type in company name and ask them.Like take topamax seach for it in needymeds It bring up the drug and drug company Phone number and such. Then go to dogpile. Type in the drug company. Then look on there website. They will have a file you can download that has info on the drug. You might need arobat readerAsk your doctor the Manufacture of the drug. Then email them. They will know more about the drug then the doctor.I dont think they would have any info on this site but it worth a try It where I get my info on drugs.Everyone Im good at getting info even if they dont want me to hehe.

RE: pregabalin

Pfizer, the big drug company, applied to the FDA in October 2003 for final approval for the use of pregabalin as an add-on medication to treat partial seizures. It usually takes about a year for the final approval. In the meantime, your husband's doctor may be giving it as part of a study? Did you receive any information? Here is part of a press release from October 2003:"As reported at the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society in December 2001, Pregabalin was tested in hundreds of patients who were experiencing uncontrolled partial seizures (with or without secondary generalization) even though they were taking one to three other seizure medicines. (Half of the patients were taking two others.) For many of these difficult-to-treat patients, pregabalin reduced the number of seizures significantly (often by more than half) and the side effects were usually mild. When offered the opportunity to continue taking pregabalin at the conclusion of the double-blind study, a large majority of the patients chose to do so, and the pregabalin continued to work well after at least 8 months of use. A similar study in Europe had the same kind of results."You might try to see if there is any more information there.

RE: pregabalin

hi !hope you are enjoying summer down under!do you mean that your husband's doc wants him enrolled in a drug study - or just that he wants to try him on pregabalin? is it approved for use in australia yet?why does the doc want to try him on such a new drug? has he failed on other drugs? there is quiet a bit to read about pregabalin if you google it... i can understand that you would be anxious about a new drug - nobody knows the long terms side effects of a new drug...pregabalin is being marketed as an anticonvulsant, anti-anxiety med and also as a med to relieve neuropathic pain.... luck to both you and your husband.

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