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This one I was wondering about

its not on drugs or anything is how many Seziers everyone have every few months. Mine are odd I been on 5 differnt meds One I dont remember for I did not like them they made me sickOk three weeks after the Accident.But I started out where it was I had a glazed look and snap out of it. At the same time it was Lost Time. Year 2000Then as the Months went along I had 2 3 every other day 2001Then it went every other two weeks 2002. But More seziers in the two days I had them. weeks then 2 days of seziers. That Lasted untel 2003. Then on Dilantin and topamax and just Dilantin It every 7 weeks But Like 3 weeks ago I had 13 in 3 days.Now that I m almost off of topamax 100 Mg Knock on wood I had none.But I notice My body gets use to the meds faster then most people. Like topamax would would 4 weeks the frist time and then went back every two week. So with tegratol.Like I m asking now how many do you have every Month or few months. or a year. Just wondering.Gawyn

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