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I am a 35 year old women with one healthy child. I have been taking dilantin since 1997. I took it for two years in 1990 and was weaned off. Then in 1997 I had another grand mal seizure. This year I have had two miscarriages and feel terrible all the time. I catch every cold or flu that comes around, have gained weight and just feel depressed. After much research, I found that Dilantin could be the cause of all of my problems including the miscarriages. Apparently you can have Drug Induced Lupus from Dilantin which causes an autoimmune response. This autoimmune response rejects the fetus. So, I went to a new Neurologist and she told me I need to switch to Lamictal a new drug. Has anyone taken it and has anyone had a baby on this medicine? My four year old son was fine after I took Dilantin all through my pregnancy. Please help if anyone has any info. Thanks.


RE: Lamictal

I m a male but I can help on your search. why dont you do a research on the company GlaxoSmithKline Bridges To Access email that company. the maker of Lamictal And download the PDF file.

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