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Keppra Problems/Withdrawal

Has anyone had withdrawal problems (not seizures) after coming off of Keppra? NEED HELP!!!! If you have had hallcinations, depression and then came off it, I would appreciate knowing: How much you were on, for how long, how long it took for you to wean off, what your symptoms were and how long did they last?


On every medication I took, even Keppra. I always had withdrawal problems. My withdrawals were fast heart palpitations all the time.

take care

I have tried to withdraw twice from Keppra. Keppra rage on it is bad enough but trying to get off it is worse and my auras, depression and rage return. I had to go back on again. If you had luck getting off, please let me know.

Joan K

Keppra was a nightmare to come off of. I thought I was going to die. Shakes, sick to stomache, you name it I had it. I went cold turkey, bad idea.

Recently i was put back on medications at my "abnormal" ekg had returned after a year of being off my meds. So the doctor put me on Keppra this time (was on Dilantin for 4yrs). Have had a couple seizures when waking up, so i went back to the doctor and asked him to put me back on Dilantin as i was seizure free for the 4yrs i was on it (as far as i know) & had a normal EKG. So he put me back on my old dosage, and said after taking both meds for a week just stop taking Keppra. Little scared to do that dont want it to cause any seizures or problems but i guess since i will have the dilatin in me i will be good....

Also, i dont like the way Keppra makes me feel. I feel "out of it" for a lack of better words. And when i wake up i find my self starring at objects trying to analyze them, or find patterns in them. Sound dumb i know but the only way i can describe it. So i am hoping that when i stop the Keppra these side effects stop... Anyone else have anything similar?????


Hi Justin, I myself have just been put on Keppra. I have been on it for two weeks. I have noted I am a little out of sorts. Did you happen to loose any of your hair. My Pharmacist said that was one of the side effects. I am hoping the side effects subside. I hope u have less seizures then b4. Take care

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