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Getting cut off of tegertol

Hi there people I am getting cut off of tegertol. I am taking topamax and 100mg and keppra 1000mg and it has been great. I only have a 200mg of tegertol to finish off. I have to say I have been on tegertol for a good 10yrs and what a difference it has been. I was wondering if any of you had any problems being cut right off of the tegertol completely. I have to say no moodyness eversince and a lot better it has been. No seizures at all have come threw which is great. Please let me know how you people are getting cut off of tegertol thanks Limeridge.


RE: Getting cut off of tegertol

My son was on tegretol and I can't remember how much and how soon it was discontinued, but I can tell you that you can never just stop taking it. You really need to get a reduction schedule from your doctor. Maybe 1/2 a pill every week? But nothing quicker than that and it depends on how many mgs. the pill is. If it's a alot of mgs. then maybe do it slower.... You really need to call the doc and ask.

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