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Generic vs Brand Name Keppra

My name is Andy, and I have posed a question on here once before.  My girlfriend has epilepsy (partial complex seizures) and I try to help her out by finding info for her.  Her doctor recently suggested she try switching to brand name Keppra (she has been on generic for about a month) and I wondered if anyone else has gotten the same suggestion.  Was there a difference if you switched?  Were the side effects the same?  Thank You.


Is the Generic not contolling her seizures? I am on the generic and am doing good exept for the kepprage(anger from keppra). I take 750mg 2x a day. I have heard some people liked the brand name better.

It seemed to at first and then her seizures resumed.  She just started taking another pill at night and I think the goal is to have her up to 1000 mg a day.  Is rage really a side effect of Keppra?

Hi there!

I just wanted to let you know that I've tried the generic and I had breakthrough seizures. My doctor suggested brand name and it's worked great for me. I experience a bit of brain fog and a tiny bit of irritability from time to time, but if those are the only side effects, it's more than worth it. Good luck,


Unfortunately it can be a side effect (Rage)






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I have been taking brand name Keppra (500mg 3 times a day) for a long time now and ever since then
my auras have decreased immensely to one every 40 days (it used to be once a
day)! I started taking it when I started having stronger seizures more often
because it is apparently a drug for bad, simple partial seizures. Is she having worse
seizures these days and is willing to try something new? If so, I would try the
brand name Keppra.


All I know is generic companys dont have to have 100% of the medication in the medication. So it may be worth it for her if her seizures arnt controlled. Ive switched from the genric Lamictal (sorry about spelling) to the name brand and my seizures improved. I am currently on the name brand keppra and it is working well I have never been on the off brand. I hope that helped.

 Hello.I   recently  switched  back  to  off  brand  of  Keppra. I  didn't  notice  a  difference  either  way ! I'm  on  Keppra & Trileptal. I  still  have  them  either  way.Plus, I  saved  nearly  50.00  bucks !Good  luck

I talked to my doctor about switching from name brand Keppra to generic last summer and he said the generic Keppra doesn't work as well.

I have been on name brand Keppra since I started taking it 3 years ago. My doctor said that there was generic available, but will not allow me to go on it because it is been shown to not be as effective as name brand. My seizures are very well controlled on it, although I have experienced the rage as a side effect. When my rage got too bad my primary care physician put me on an antidepressant and that has helped control the rage immensly! The name brand is much more expensive, but if the seizures are better controlled on it I would take that over saving $50 - $100/mo! I hope this helps you.

I have been on Keppra since 2002. I take 1000mg 2 times daily. I was asked to start taking the Generic Approximately 2 years ago and was still having breakthrough seizures. I went back onto the name brand (b/c I also got some blood clots in my leg that broke loose and traveled into my lungs causing me to go onto blood thinners for about 3 months), but most recently my new Neurologist stated he did not think that this was due to the Generic Keppra and stated that I would be fine to go back onto it. Now I my wife and I have a baby coming in approximately 6 weeks, so cost is important and a month supply of keppra at my rate is $600+ until I hit my $2500 deductible for the year. Now with cost as an issue and my doctor's recommendation, I started taking some Generic Keppra I had on hand about 1 week ago, and in the past 2 nights I have had 4 breakthrough seizures in my sleep, much like I frequently had when on the Generic. So, I would agree with the other people commenting, that the risk of Breakthrough seizures on the Generic Keppra is much higher in most cases, so I recommend the name Brand. I just want to know if anyone knows how to get the cost down on it? I have tried almost everything.


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