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Curcumin (Tumeric) and seizure control

I wanted to share some research that I've found on the compound Curcumin that is found in the spice Tumeric. I originally started taking the combination of Ginger and Tumeric from all the stomach issues I've had after being on different AED's over the years. They have completely messed up my digestive system. Depakote was by far the worst of all of them though. I haven't been "regular" in years, actually since I was on no medication at all. Just a few days on this combination of ginger and tumeric and my stomach symptoms such as heartburn,gas,bloating,constipation, irregularity have all improved. Now I find that a compound in Tumeric can actually have anti-convulsive effects so I wanted to share some research. For those who also have stomach problems I definitely suggest this combination. Maybe adding a tumeric formula high in Curcumin may help with your hard to control seizures.





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