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Coffee and seizures

Is there any relationship between coffee and seizures? I have heard conflicting advice. My doctors say that there is no research that proves there is a direct relationship between coffee and seizures. What do you think? I know that coffee can cause insomnia and anxiety.


Re: Coffee and seizures

My Doctor said that caffeine is what he thinks causes it. I don't drink coffee because it causes me to become very stressed and tired. I start to shake ( nerves) and need sleep asap or I will fall asleep right there! I always thought it was just coffee, because I drink hot tea all day, but was told that the caffeine is not as high.
I hope this helps, Take Care

Re: Coffee and seizures

The primary cause of epilepsy is not coffee - caffeine at all.  Coffee - caffeine is way, way down the list (toward the bottom of the list).  Coffee - caffeine compounds - can lower the seizure threshold for some with epilepsy/change how epilepsy medicines work.  Coffee - caffeine compounds - is a weak drug - stimulant - alerting agent;   stronger drugs - stimulants - alerting agents -  include Ritalin, Dexedrine, Adderall (prescription meds for ADHD) which also lower the seizure threshold for some with epilepsy/change how epilepsy medicines work.  More at: - - Keeping a written seizure diary can slowly, over time, help sort out what's going on.  Epilepsy can be caused by car accidents and sports concussions - causes which have nothing at all to do with coffee, caffeine, nutrition, allergy, or diets.

Re: Coffee and seizures

Is there any relation between coffee and seizures? It depends on whether or not the coffee contains caffeine. And the same goes if teas and sodas contain caffeine. I don't care how many people come up with statistical results for whether or not if caffeine can, or cannot, trigger someone to have seizures. I know for a fact that caffeine can lower someone's seizure threshold, because caffeine lowered MY seizure threshold, resulting into ME having seizures. I still experience seizures (only simple partials and complex partial seizures), however, I have not had any teas or sodas containing caffeine for maybe 15 plus years, given me the result of not having as many seizures. And until tests results show whether or not you're seizures are being triggered by caffeine, no one will know the facts until you take some time to stop consuming any caffeine.

How could caffeine be triggering the person to have seizures? If you have been through an EEG test, primarily video EEG's performed in a hospital, then you may recall one of the procedures being done, was sleep deprivation. Well, sleep deprivation, a strobe light flashing near the person's eyes with their eyes closed, a person stimulating hyperventilation, and lowering the dosage amount of medication a person takes, are routine procedures performed during an EEG to see if they will trigger the person to have seizures. What does caffeine do? Helps keep a person awake. What can happen if a person has been kept awake for too long? Sleep deprivation. What can sleep deprivation result into? No matter if the person has epilepsy or not, it can lower a person's seizure threshold, resulting into seizure activity. Duh!

My suggestion is just try to avoid caffeine, including chocolate, for several weeks. If it appears you are not having any seizures, or, if you are having only mild seizures (seizures that are not so dramatic), then that could indicate that caffeine does trigger YOUR seizures. Avoiding caffeine is simple, cheap, and easy to do, and doesn't need a doctor's approval.

Bruce (I'm not a doctor, but instead, an epilepsy support group leader, epilepsy advocate, who has epilepsy.)

Re: Coffee and seizures

Your answer is the one to listen too. Good job !!

Re: Coffee and seizures

Thank you.

Bruce (I'm not a doctor, but instead, an epilepsy support group leader, epilepsy advocate, who has epilepsy.)

Sometimes I get really bad

Sometimes I get really bad headaches because of my epilepsy. Sometimes the only way to get rid of them is sleep but usually a cup of coffee will stop them. Or at least make them not as bad. At first I thought it might be the caffine but other things with caffeine don't help and sometimes make it worse.

Since I've had seizures for

Since I've had seizures for over 20 years resulting from a car accident, for the last 10 years, I've been trying to figure out what triggers them.  Your post was 122 days ago, but I hope someone reads this.  I agree totally with your post...I've always drank/used a lot of caffeine (Pepsi, tea, chocolate, etc) and the only actual substance that I can relate to seizures is coffee.  It is either because of the amount of caffeine in coffee, which is questionable, or something else that affects me.  And even 1 cup, if it's strong, will cause a partial, especially if the barometric pressure is low or going down.Thanks for your experiment...hope you're doing fine. 

Coffee very much impacts my

Coffee very much impacts my sleep, regardless of when I drink it. Sleep quality very much impacts the chance I will have a seizure. So, yes, coffee does influence seizures and epilepsy for some people.

Hello and thanks a lot for

Hello and thanks a lot for the input, especially to nicknick119 for the recommandation of having some coffee but not too much and to Jessica for pointing out the difference between coffee and other things with caffeine (being neither so much of a problem nor of help, as far as i got it).However, fyi, there has been a study in the meantime that might be of interest for you: simply

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