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Carbatrol Assistance Program.

I wrote a while back about having a seizure; having to pull over while driving etc., and not being able to afford the drugs. The suggestion of the Carbatrol Assistance program was a God send and is real. I received the drugs this week and it has taken a great load off my shoulders. So here is what I did:I did a search for Carbatrol, which is made by Shire US, Inc.1 800 828 2088 (this is the number off the bottle)I called, they ask about income etc. Then the doctors office had to call and have a form faxed to them. Then the Doctors office had to MAIL the form back. they will not take a form faxed back (??). It took about two weeks. They sent me a four months supply. My doctor suggested I call them to redo the process in three months. After reading the latest posts regarding Tegradol, and Carbatrol which I am taking -- I am wondering how many formulas of Carbamazepine there are and what the differences are. Is each formula of the drug made by a different company? I know we have some very well infomed people in this group.Mersix


RE: Carbatrol Assistance Program.

I'm not positive, but I believe it's tegretol or the generic version of carbatrol. I have also heard that it is important to stick to the one that you have been using as there is a difference in them. I heard that it's not the fact that one is 'better' than the other, that might be true, but that it's a little different formulation. I have heard that it has sent people for a loop not realizing they got the generic instead of the brand. My son was on tegretol and when I picked up his script one day they gave me the carbatrol. I always check before I leave the counter, and sure enough when I opened the bottle I noticed that the pills were a little different color. Had to argue with the pharmasist to change it. It's so important to be educated on these things, isn't it?

RE: Carbatrol Assistance Program.

The brain is a complex organ. All this while I have been reading, enough by now not to see much new. Tegredol is also made by a different company. When I asked my doctor about going to Canada for my drugs to save money, he was insistant that I make sure I was getting what I ordred and not sugar pills. Now I understand why. My brain has a hard time with the concept that people would do something like that and would hurt an other person. I am not motivated by money so it is hard for me to understand greed. It is oviously very important to check every time. Thanks for the input!

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