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Vitamins, Supplements that help control seizures. 5 HTP and vitamin E

Just looking for people that may have tried 5 HTP and vitamin E in help controlling there seizures. My 10 year old son is taking coromega fish oil, vitamin b complex, magnesium / zink along with his keppra. Just wondering if you had success with anything. My son just had two break through seizures after being seizure free for nine months. I have read a lot about the vitamin E and 5 HTP doing a good job in helping control or completely controlling seizures.



Glad to hear that your son is doing better. There is limited research on how helpful vitamins are, especially if a person is not low in certain vitamins. Also, since many vitamins are given together, it's hard to tease out if there's a special effect from one or more vitamins. There is some interesting information on the role of vitamins however.  Here is a link to nutritional information that may give some interesting tidbits, but this field is constantly changing.

People who are interested in trying vitamins should consult their doctor treating the epilepsy as well as the primary care doctor to see if the person has any conditions making them prone to low levels, and then if giving more will help. Taking extra of some vitamins, if the body isn't low in them is no good as the body just gets rid of extra amounts it doesn't need.  

Have a good day and thanks for sharing your experience 

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Here is my story with some interesting links:

In over 38 years of having epilepsy I have never used any Antiepileptic Drugs or special diets to control my seizures, only B vitamins (mainly B6).  Please see URL above.


Vitamins can interfere with other medication(s):

A high dose of vitamin B6 may cause Peripheral Neuropathy.



Phylis Feiner Johnson

Vitamins The reasearch I did reported that: although vitamins are necessary for good health, large doses of vitamins do not improve the symptoms of epilepsy and may even be harmful. You should get most of your vitamins from food by eating a balanced diet. If necessary, vitamin supplements such as folic acid can help deal with vitamin loss caused by medication. People with epilepsy taking seizure medications do appear to have an increased need for calcium and vitamin D to help keep their bones healthy.  

Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 is a valuable treatment for curing epilepsy fast and effectively. This vitamin is involved in critical functions of the nervous system. Some of the food sources rich in vitamin B6 are - rice, milk, brewer's yeast, cereals, legumes, green leafy vegetables, carrots, and peanuts. Fruits like apples, figs and grapes (especially grape juice) are also beneficial. If taken in supplement form, vitamin B6 should be taken in therapeutic dose of 100-150 mg daily, along with other B complex vitamins.

Melatonin - Studies are basically inconclusive: one study of epileptic patients showed that melatonin may reduce the incidence of seizures in children, while another study found that melatonin increased the risk of seizures. At this time, it is believed that melatonin does not significantly help prevent seizures.

Vitamin E – When Vitamin E was added to standard drug therapy in patients with intractable epilepsy, the frequency of seizures was reduced and EEG readings improved significantly. Even in children with complex partial epilepsy, there was a marked improvement.  The reason was attributed to reduced Vitamin E levels caused by anticonvulsant drugs.  It has been said  that Vitamin E deficiency can worsen seizure activity. And so the reason Vitamin E may be effective in reducing seizure frequency is because it helps to compensate for a drug-induced vitamin deficiency.


My son's neurologist has also recommended my son take b6 with his Keppra and also Vitamin D.  Does anyone have any particular brands of b6 (100 mg) that they prefer?

We get one from the herb store that is called Floradix. It has iron and four B vitamins, 1,2,6,and12. It seems to help with some of the side effects of meds.

I am sorry to hear your son had two break through seizures.  Were there any triggers that you could pinpoint, like lack of sleep, stress from school, not eating right, being dehydrated?  I know even if I am doing all the right things, like taking my meds, vitamins, if I get stressed, do not get sleep, and do not eat,  I can have a seizure.  I seem to have all my seizure triggers figured out so far, and I have been seizure free for over two years.

However, I am currently on Topamax transitioning to Keppra, due to Topamax's yucky side effects (its just not working while I'm in nursing school).  And to compensate, I currently take a mega B-complex with added vit. C, extra biotin, and Omega's 3,6, & 9 that I get from flax seed oil and fish oil supplements, and I make sure I eat a lot of food that has tons and tons of calcium in it, this seems to up my energy levels a little.   I have noticed no mood side effects from the keppra. However, sometimes I do get extremely tired and want to sleep all the time, I am hoping that wears off once the transition is complete, which I am half way there and no break through seizures yet, knock on wood...

Anyways, sorry for the life story, before I did my med switch and was just taking only Topamax, I had asked my neuro about taking 5-HTP because I was having problems with insomnia and anxiety and he advised against it because there can be reactions with 5-HTP and certain meds.  There is a reaction called seritonin sensitivity that can be fatal (your brain just overloads on seritonin and cannot process it all), its mainly with SSRI's that this occurs, but it can occur with AED's that are also used to treat bi-polar and migraines as well (which I think topamax does).  As far as 5-HTP having a reaction with Keppra, check with your doc if you are planning on taking them together, better to be safe... Unfortunately I can't give you any info on the vit. E, not really sure about that one, sorry!

you can read about 5-HTP on wikipedia, there's a lot of info...

I hope this helps and I hope your son starts feeling better.  

Take Care!


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