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please help me, i dont know if i had a seizure or not

today is 8/5/17, and on 8/3/17 I think i had a seizure. I was sitting in my lunch table during school when I started depersonalizing. It can happen occasionally due to my depression, but this time it felt stranger. I felt this eletric aura around my body, my limbs were tingling but i couldnt feel them, I was staring off, I couldn't comprehend anything anybody was saying to me, I couldnt for coherent sentences. My mind felt clouded and all the sounds in the room felt distant and muffled. And when i came out of it, I felt tired and nauseuous but ultimately went on with my day. When i spoke to my mom later about it (used to be an occupational therapist and caretaker for disabled people) she said it sounded like a seizure. I dont know if i should see a neurologist or not. Please help!

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