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Mixing Keppra and Cannabis does cause LSD-like Hallucinations (or is it just me...)

I have been diagnosed with Epilepsy for 3 years and have recently been prescribed 500 mg Keppra (Levetiracetam) instead of 100 mg Tegritol (Carbomazapine) around the same time a began using medical marijuana and every time (3 times to be exact) on separate occasions I have experienced severe mood alterations, visual and audio distortions, and time and self dissociation.   


To elaborate I had changed

To elaborate I had changed the dispenser of the Marijuana everytime and smoked with others, who had none of the forementioned effects, I haven't smoked again with the medication since I had the third trip. So, I know it's not the marijuana (Cannabis sativa) itself and it's not the Levetriacetam by itself, it's only when I do both together.  

Your probably right.

Your probably right.

I smoke daily and take 500 mg

I smoke daily and take 500 mg twice a day of Levetiracetam. It relieves the constant feeling of nausea the meds give me and nuke any keppra rage. I only take the meds bc i am forced too..i smoke the bud because of choice. 

I also have Tonic Clonic

I also have Tonic Clonic epilepsy 

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