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Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

Does anyone know if electromagnetic fields might cause temporal lobe activity/seizures in susceptible people? For instance, could the electromagnetic field in a car, or near a computer, TV or in a hospital where a lot of equipment is in use cause a temporal lobe reaction? I've been reading lately about how scientists have been stimulating the temporal lobes with electrodes and magnets to cause hallucinations, dreams, out of body experiences, religious experiences, etc. and I was wondering if the EMFs in the everyday atmosphere might trigger seizures in people who for some reason are sensitive to them. I have had 2 abnormal EEGs, and been diagnosed with temporal lobe seizures. I've never seen a description of temporal lobe seizures that exactly fits what happens to me. I think I'm falling asleep, or I have dreams while I'm aware of what's going on around me. These aren't random; they almost always happen in a car, near a computer, TV, when I'm sleep deprived or very bored. My neuro said I'm not falling asleep, and he can't explain the dreams. All he said was that I have a seizure disorder and I have to accept it. Keppra has controlled most of this, but there are some times that it's not controlled. I can canoe in class III-IV rapids and never have a problem. I don't have episodes while walking down the street or hanging out with people or doing things around the house. But before medication, just put me in a car, near a computer, in front of a TV or sometimes on the phone and I'd slip into a lucid dream, drop off for a few seconds or lose time on a frequent basis. Fluorescent lights could make me feel like I was going blind or crazy by the end of the day. Does anyone else have this very predictable, non-convulsive type of TLE? I keep trying to make sense of this, and I can't. That's why I keep coming back with these questions--hoping someone else will say "oh yeah, that's exactly what happens to me!" Deb


Yes, I'm dealing with the

Yes, I'm dealing with the exact thing! Recently just started trileptal. Also, I've been in touch with someone this morning on this topic. But I can't seem to share the photo of the email. Look up Frank Hoogerbeets.  I was honored with a return email from him this morning. He explains how the em field from planetary alignment causes seismic activity (earthquakes). He confirmed I am correct, in thinking my latest cluster seizures were from this! I'm rambling because I'm excited. This was huge for me, one because I'm a big nerd fan, and two because he explained how to ease the symptoms. I can try to copy paste the email if anyone is interested.

Hello Deb, I have been

Hello Deb, I have been diagnosed with the exact same thing and told the exact same thing from my doctor. It doesn’t run in my family and I know it didn’t just appear. Every time I have one my cell phone is near me or in my hand. The worst ones I have is when I am using my phone. We should come together and get a lawyer. I believe something is going on! Email me please!

Haven't had an ECG but my

Haven't had an ECG but my doctor says I would be dead by now if it was a tumor. I've narrowed the trigger down to EMF radiation from my modem, 700mm from my head for 12 years. I started having seizures in April 2018 once a month. After attending a scientific talk on EMF, I looked at this as a possible trigger and found the software switch to turn off the WiFi while I work online. I had no seizures for 3 months. I had a seizure this morning after having the modem on for 2 days while a guest stayed over. Am I allergic to EMF? Have I been over-exposed? It would be wonderful if this was true, in a way... otherwise it's back to the drawing board.

One thing that helped was to

One thing that helped was to turn down the brightness to the lowest brightness setting I could work on comfortably. It didn’t solve the problem, but it did help.

One thing that helped was to

One thing that helped was to turn down the brightness to the lowest brightness setting I could work on comfortably. It didn’t solve the problem, but it did help.

Brightness of the monitor

Brightness of the monitor that is... *

Just out of curiosity, have

Just out of curiosity, have you ever been evaluated for narcolepsy?  That's what I have, and my symptoms are very similar.  I drop off to sleep and enter REM immediately.  Sometimes before I'm even fully asleep.  

Am sure people are still

Am sure people are still coming along to this link with the same question...Never confirmed the electromagnetic aspect as there is still no outright test for this type but I was sure my diagnosed temp lobe epilepsy was due to proximity to mobile phone masts specifically...moving away from one and changing that job did see a decrease for a long time....I do however cross paths with one on my way to a new job though and low and behold aura's began again...CBD oil seems to keep aura's in check...even as a quick rescue remedy..always in my pocket now. Need to move out of the city still though..strength to anyone living with this. ps - the CBD helps with anxiety as well..possibly even better than it's counterpart..

Medical journals don't need

Medical journals don't need to support the claim for it to be the truth. Virtually all new discovery is from going outside of mainstream. People know if something effects them, especially when they suffer for years and what is published is often decades later and only confirms what some already know.  Regarding people here who suffer from magnetic & electrical fields, there is an abundance of science supporting this, but also look at geomagnetic activity and the opposite cosmic ray events. I know when my wife will have a seizures 7 days in advance within a 60 min window, yes fir 2 years now, 100 percent accuracy and this is not in any journal.  

Brightness of the monitor

Brightness of the monitor that is... *

One more note, this ‘electro

One more note, this ‘electro-sensitivity’ seems to dampen when I avoid dairy. Which is the most acute and apparent cause of these episodes

One thing that helped was to

One thing that helped was to turn down the brightness to the lowest brightness setting I could work on comfortably. It didn’t solve the problem, but it did help.

Re: Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

Hi Deb,

Yes I do think that EMF has a lot to do with seizures.

I had never had seizures in my life but started having them at work.  EEG could not reproduce seizures or find anything substantially wrong with me relating to seizures. 

At the time this all happened I had been noticing that I was sensitive to areas where there were a lot of electrical equipment or electrical utility closets.  I have since been diagnosed with Electro hyper sensitivity (EHS).

My doctor told me to take some time off work and I couldn't believe how much better I felt.  On campus I had had 3 seizures within 2 weeks.  That was three and half years ago.  I haven't worked on campus since and since then I have only had 3 minor episodes and all explainable by my proximity to EMF sources.

The first seizure I had eminated from the left top of my head near the centre line.  It was quite painful but I felt like I was falling asleep.  It was a very comforting feeling actually even though my head was hurting.  I couldn't move or do anything.  It felt good to just go with it.  I went blank for a while.  I don't know how long it lasted but maybe about a minute or so. I ws still sitting up in my chair when I came around.

The second and third seizures were pretty much the same but not as intense although they were more spread out over the head and not so intense in that one spot.  The third one actually lasted about 5 minutes.  I was eating lunch at the time and I was able to walk but couldn't spit the food out of my mouth.  I had to bend forward and let it drop out of my mouth.  With this one my right arm and hand twisted up and all the muscles were quite sore for days afterward.

All three of these seizures happened in my office and I was not in a passive mode at the time.  Because I had been feeling this sensititvity around electrical things and because the university had been installing a lot of wiring through and near my office, I had health and safety come in and test.  They found that the EMF readings were high.

this is when my doctor told me to take time off.  Since then I have learned a lot about this.  I have no wireless contraptions in my home and I cleaned up the dirty electricity (noise) on my wiring.  But I had already become very sensitve to EMF.  So much so that I had to stay in my home and avoid  exposure for quite some time before I could tolerate any exposure.  I only had three minor epsiodes since then all months apart and when I was in a high EMF area.  I knew enough to get away from where I was and the seizures subsided before they really got started.

Since I have avoided EMF and am getting much better, I can live a bit more normally but once in a wile when I am in a high EMF area I will feel the same feeling I had in my head with seizures.  Not a seizure but the ache/pain I had in that one spot.  I think I had been exposed to a very intense dose of EMF in the form of a wireless signal and it penetrated my head at that spot causing damage and seizures.  So it is now sensitive when I am exposed too much.  I also have a nice streak of grey hair growing out of that very spot on my head.

I will once in a while have episodes where I just fall asleep for no reason.  No feeling or pain in the head, no memory of falling asleep.  The first time it happened I was sitting in front of my computer and eating and the next thing I know I am dreaming but still aware of what is going on around me.    The dream was very lucid and very wierd.   It  was strange in that I was in two places in the dream.  I was the 'actor' and I was the 'audience' watching the the actor through a window.  The actor could see the audience and vice versa.  And both were thinking independently.   I was also still aware of what my body was doing.   I still had my knife in my hand and knew not to drop it.  It was very, very strange.  This has happened a couple of other times too.  All three times I was consciously trying to wake up but couldn't.

I also know others with EHS who have seizures or 'near' seizures.  EMFs can definitely play a part.  We are elctrical beings.  Even if you are not EHS your brain is beig affected by all the wifi and dirty electricty around us.

Check this out for tips on how to reduce your exposure.

You may find that other health problems you are having will go away too, when you clean up your environment.



Re: Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

I have been wondering the same thing ... because when I have my episodes, I have usually been on the computer (most of the time), on a cordless/cell phone many times, or watching TV. I just don't remember having the seizures, but my family has taken pics and recorded me so that I can see and prove it to me. I usually moan and have a look like Im not there in my eyes. Lasts about 3 mins and takes about 30-60 minutes before I fully get my memory back and then wonder where the time went. I don't remember having them or the time afterwards. The other thing is that Whatever it is I am doing before I am seizing I continue to do at a faster pace while seizeing and continue to do after. Such as scrolling or typing or punching numbers on a cell phone. I guess its funny, I laughed when I heard myself and saw what I was doing.

Hi there Deb. I think you

Hi there Deb. I think you might be on to something. Now, I haven't experienced what you have, but most of the time I can tell you when something has been turned on. There's this funny high pitched sound that I sense more than I hear, I can't really describe it. I'll be able to "sense" when a computer or a television is being turned on even when I'm not in the same room. And flourescent lights drive me nuts! I'll be working and all of a sudden everything will take on a strange greenish-yellowish hue and I'll "sense" that same sound I get with the tvs and computers. I'm usually able to shake it off by walking around a bit or, better yet, just going outside. I also have been diagnosed with temperal lobe seizures but my EEGs have come back normal.
I'm not sure this helped you any but I thought I'd let you know.
See ya, Claudia.

Re: Hi there Deb. I think you

Hmmm....funny you should mention that. When I had my last one I was standing on the road next to a high voltage power station. I never thought about that. I just chalked it up to being sleep deprived.

Re: Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields


Ever had a fit in a canoe? Jo is "Biker Jo" - has he ever had a fit on a bike? The reason I ask is I've never had a fit on a bicycle. These activities (and the ones you mention when you don't have a seizure) are all active. But the other activities (passenger in a car, walking, computer, TV, phone) - they are all largely passive activities.

The obvious exception is the computer. But IMHO using a PC is largely passive and receptive - i.e. reading.

Great post!

Re: Re: Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

I've never had a problem in my canoe (or on a bike for that matter). It definitely *is* when my mind is passive that I have the most trouble, especially when sleep deprived. The most active I ever was when having what I now know was a seizure was when I worked for a big computer company as a security guard and used to "wake up" in different places and not know how I got there. I found myself trying to put my key into a wall plug because it was close to the locked door I was supposed to be opening. So, passive mind (boredom), sleep deprivation, and these electromagnetic locations--could all or some of these be the triggers? Could they be a stronger trigger in combination with each other?


Re: Re: Re: Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

Re:Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields
I had a 3-T MRI which is very powerful. In the beginning I felt those feelings when I have my seizures like tingling in face down my left leg and arm. I sometimes get twitching around my mouth & eyes. I know a seizure is trying to break through. The MRI also gave me the boomer headache. When done I was shaking like after my EEG in the strobe lights. The other day there's a new Cadillac comercial with a red car & a bunch of flashing lights. I was laying down resting with my eyes closed when this commercial came on. Thru my eyelids I could see the flashing. Instantly my stomach felt wierd & I got the heart felt pounding like my seizure was trying to come on.
I changed the channel real fast.
I have never had any cell phone problem and I know sleep deprivation & fatigue are my onsets along with flashing etc.

Re: Temporal lobe seizures and electromagnetic fields

I have been using computers for years and do not believe EMI could cause seizures. Cellular phones are at 2.4Ghz which is around the frequency of a microwave, and we all know what microwaves do to water and what we are made out of. Although it might not trigger seizures; it probably is not good for you. I would figure our skull and the mylen sheath of the brain cells would be a good insulator against EMI. Also, the brain may work somewhat electronically, It is electrochemically controlled and that a trigger might be electrical but the information is still transmitted chemically between the synapse such as GABA inhibitor, AMPA receptor, or NMDA receptor that would then trigger another electrical impulse to transmit more neurotransmitters . Which I do not believe possess any electrical characteristics. From what I have read brains with seizures are missing brain cells that tell other cells to turn off.

Fluorescent lights, car, phone, computer ... sounds like you are at work. Stress can trigger seizures...

(someone please correct me where I am wrong)


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