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Sounds that trigger seizures???

   Hi I am new here and recently was diagnosed with having seizures. I dont have the Grandmal seizures, but I have the partial seizures. This is an embarrassing question to ask, but does anyone here think that certain sounds can trigger a seizure? Sometimes the feeling of de javu comes on after I hear a certain word, or maybe sound. I cant ever remember what it is after words.   Also I might be watching tv, or doing nothing and suddenly a word, not even a word sometimes ( more like a made up word ) will pop into my head and it gives me the feeling that a siezure is going to happen. I know this sounds crazy, but if anyone can relate I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks, Laurie


Laurie,My daughter has partial seizures and also myoclonic seizures.  Whenever she hears a loud sound like a car horn or something loud dropping to the ground she has "drop"  seizures.  I thought she was the only one in this world who could hear something and have a seizure.  Its very difficult to take her places because of all the loud sounds everywhere.  Things that we dont think about can send her to the ground.  Good luck to you and no its not crazy and i can relate to your situation.  I'd like to know if there is anyone else who has this problem.SteviesMom

Sudden, loud noises-the startling kind- can kick off seizures for me. And on days that I'm feeling jumpy- any unexpected noise can set me off. My heart feels like it jumps right out of my body and then I go into a seizure. Afterwards, my chest feels like I held my breath the whole time. I feel for you both and hope the best for you.-Spiz

Laurie.This link might help in explaining what the the triggers are that can cause what you describe in your post.As the link explains,through research,and observation it has been established there can be various triggers that can happen and bring on (legitimate.) seizure triggers.I really hope it helps to maybe put your mind at rest,and that you read through the excellent reference material on this site also.

Yes my family knows that if I do moaning noises that I am already starting a seizure(complex partial).

I am extremely photosensitive but have felt in general that sounds don't effect me. Lately though I've become more aware that just certain sounds do. The constant excited play by play of football or basketball games on TV, with the crowd noise in the distance becomes extremely tension producing in me. Unusually so and immediately. I'll go in another room, shut the door, but I can still hear it and it causes for me an extreme stress reaction. I'll tend to sz. I'll also start hearing music that isn't there from this constant unceasing chatter and noise. I think it puts my brain on overload.The other things I've recently noticed is when I get a call from maybe a solicitor, don't answer the phone once I see on my caller ID it's not someone I know but an 1-800 number or someone I don't want to talk to at that time. But THEN the answering machine kicks in and for what ever reason? That just jolts me. No matter how low I have the sound on, it sounds to me like a blast of sound that shoots through my head one side to the other, causing a short intense head pain, when someone leaves a message and can cause me to sz. The other thing I've noticed is when our smoke detectors activate which ours seem to do several times a month, they're very sensitive. We all know how loud those are, I know they bother my non-epileptic husband too but the minute that loud sound goes off? So do I.For me then I think I'm sound sensitive with some things, but not all things but I'm trying to be more aware if other sounds also set me off so I can continue working on sz reduction.Gretchen

Thanks, you've helped me to put into words another thing that bothers me. noises that are disorganized or to many noise sources puts me into high stress, and I also need to remove myself from it. No seizures from it but I'll go up a wall, multi tasking is impossible anymore. I used to live for challenge and stress of the job, now it's a no-no.

Thanks, you've helped me to put into words another thing that bothers me. noises that are disorganized or to many noise sources puts me into high stress, and I also need to remove myself from it. No seizures from it but I'll go up a wall, multi tasking is impossible anymore. I used to live for challenge and stress of the job, now it's a no-no.

Most everyone seems to agree that strobing lights can triger both migrains and seizures. However, it seems that strobing/echoing/reverbrating sounds are a trigger for me. Does anyone else experience this? The new Allen organs have a feature which the company says is supposed to make the organ sound like it is in a cathedral. After the organist releases a key the organ generates an echoing sound which is just like a stobe light for me. I have always enjoyed listening to organ music, especially when it is my honey playing. Now I an scared to even go into the church where the organ is located. Also since I tried to tolerate this Allen organ I have become sensetized to strobing/echoing/reverbrating sounds and I am being triggered a lot more than in the past. Are there any studies or writeups anywhere on this problem? I cannot find any.

Hello, I've been diagnosed about 10 months after 3 horrible seizures that have left me in nearly constant fear. I don't get seizures from strobes of light, I hate it when i'm in stores and the fluorescent light flicker at cycles I can barely see. I'f I see a tv strobe and/or flicker, especially out the side of my eyes, it drives me buggy, and I need to look away because I feel like i'm going to have a This has never bothered me before. Music is another thing altogether, I love many types of music but death metal is now out of the question, the same with music is too loud. My main source of seizures is exhaustion or heavy stress. Good luck.

Oh my, Laurie! I thought I was the only one with that bizarre, unique trigger. I'm relatively new to seizures - diagnosed less than 2 years ago. My seizures come from my language center, as my symptoms are always language related. I've found out that certain words/short phrases would trigger my simple partial seizure (unable to speak and understanding speech/printed words). And I can never remember what that words is/are, however, I am almost certain that they are the same ones. I've also realized that there are a few words/expressions that are forever gone in my "brain dictionary" -- they are lost forever for me, literally.

What I can't stand is that I have no control over whether I'll come across those certain words, therefore I don't know whether I can prevent it. My medication doesn't seem to always help in this aspect. Any tips or advice? I haven't shared this with my neurologist since I didn't know this was a "real" trigger, I thought I was just not thinking straight. I will mention it to her next time........


I've had E. for about 36yrs. now, but I've never heard that something like that can cause one to come on. What I can say is that it's kind of weird that you asked this question. Only because I have pedimal, and granmals, I can only tell when a pedimal is coming on. It's like the room get disorinated, yet at the same time it's the same, and the souns around me seem to get louder within a couple of seconds span. I can close my eyes to block out the site from trying to keep it from coming on. Except the sounds around me won't allow me to try to fight the seizure back, I know it sounds weird. Only because it's hard for me to even understand it myself, yet to even be able to explain it to others. So you should never feel embarrassed about asking such a question, because in this chatroom there are no stupid questions. Take care, and God! Bless! 

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