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Hi The last time i had a seizure I was six years old and I remember that day like it was yesterday...after 30 years they are back. The kind of seizures I had were los of sensation on my left side, the last seizure I had left me paralyzed on my left side for a few weeks. I was able to get most feeling back except for my left foot, the toes are still paralyzed...I've had a feeling of having seizures every now and then throughtout the years. Except in the past 3 weeks Ive had extremely bad migraines and the seizures started about a week and a half ago. I went to my doctors and we decided it was probably just anxiety. After todays episode I can no longer fool myself it is back... I am scared to death...Has this happened to anyone else???? Can stress bring the seizures back, the migraines??? before the seizures started when I was a child I had bad migraines as well...oh yeah I was on Dilantin until the age of 16...Please help....

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