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Scared and confused

Trying to get answers. My epileptologist is being very stingy with what he tells me. I am scheduled for an EMU stay in two weeks. Referral if for pre-surgical work up. But my epileptologist has not had any discussions with me about surgery. Told I am having daily and frequent seizures in my temporal lobes; left more so than right. I take 2000 mg of Keppra a day and I still have the seizures. I am loosing feeling in my right leg and have been for a few months now with no improvement. My doctor has not told me if this is related. I meet with him on 1/28 because I told him I refused any more testing until he explains to me what is going on. And he will only discuss with me in person; not over the phone. this makes me so nervous and anxious that I think it is inducing seizures. I wake up and feel like jelly - literally. I continue to get weaker and my headaches just continue to get worse. I get all of the weird feelings including feelings of panic and anxiety, moments that I can not communicate, times where my words are lost and I can not express my thoughts, tingling tongue and extremities, tremors, extreme onset of head pain, etc. I am trying to live life normal but feel like I am lost half the time. When I get upset about anything, my body goes into shut down mode and I feel like every sound and every moving object is right in my face getting louder and moving faster. I total feeling of loosing total control. I am extremely sensitive to lights especially when flashing or flickering. Can anyone relate to this? Can anyone tell me that I am not dying! And is it normal to be loosing sensation that is not coming back or improving?

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